Aren't You a Monkey?

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(Sorry this is super late but thanks for not hounding me with requests to update! I appreciate it. My back kinda died and is still a bit bad, but I really wanted to get this chapter done.)


Staring up at the small neon sign of the Black Light gay bar and club, David felt his stomach twist into an even tighter knot. He had tried so hard to get George back into the mood after their tiny trieste in the bathroom, but each time he tried to even steal a chaste kiss afterward, the man flat out dodged him.

He wouldn't even let me near him today, or while we slept. He slept on the floor!

Frustration had finally won out. If George didn't want him. Thought him annoying. Which he'd verbally said several times in the past two days, then he wouldn't bother him anymore. Someone will want me. He reminded himself as he straightened his shoulders and hesitantly stepped inside of the dark club, lit entirely by giant black lights fastened to the ceiling.

The music pumped loud from speakers placed about, just out of the way enough to not risk being run into as they blared the newest hits. The dance floor, something David never found of interest, was packed full with bodies gyrating in every direction against everything and anything. When a young guy at least a head taller than him slipped from the crowd and began stalking toward him, David weighed his options. He had come for some desperately needed attention and affection, but did he want an actual relationship?


He had tried so hard to get George to like him, and even though the guy had said that his scars didn't matter and David gave him the literal verbal offer of free sex and attention, he still ran.

If only Master Orion wasn't taken. It was a selfish thought. David knew he had lost his chance with Orion a long time ago. Then when Zachary came into the man's life? That had sealed the deal. He'd seen the way Orion stared at the guy. He worshiped Zach and David was pretty sure that Zachary saw a god in Orion, too.

"Hey there, cutie."

Blinking, David looked up at the man now standing directly in front of him. He was handsome. Definitely knew it, too, judging from the way he was smirking down at him. Reminded by the unfamiliar lack of weight around his neck, David forced a smile.


The man offered a hand, which David took. His fingers were strong, surrounding his and giving a strong squeeze that sent a small shiver down David's spine.

"My name is Tommy, what's yours, cutie?"

As the man spoke, he guided David over to the bar. Both of them took a seat and Tommy ordered them a drink.

"David." He replied as he sipped at the beer the bartender slipped him. Normally he would check his drinks, but since the bartender gave it directly to him, he just hurried to get a few mouthfuls of liquid courage into his veins. He felt Tommy's eyes on him, likely taking in his tight white jeans that flared slightly at his knees, allowing him to wear them without upsetting his healing skin. As well as his dark green long-sleeved shirt. After another full minute of looking, Tommy reached over and gently grasped David's arm and tugged him into his lap.

"I hope I'm not being too forward, but I can't help but want to touch."

Even as he spoke Tommy's hands were getting comfortable on David's belly, beneath his shirt.

Why can't George like me like this? Or at all...

Biting back a sigh, David nestled himself against the man as he felt fingers play gently over his belly. They remained that way for several minutes as music pumped through their bones. It was making him restless, and he knew Tommy could tell because he was fidgeting in the man's lap. The reason David knew the guy knew? He was getting extremely hard beneath him. David thought about accepting the obvious offer of release and some much needed physical attention, but then he remembered his legs. Especially his burned one, but also the other one. Both were damaged and would be impossible to hide if he had sex.

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