Looking Back

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(Needed a little brake. Read a few books and took the crazy dog to a park to play fetch while the other sat at home eating his favorite bone, not wanting to bother with other dogs. They both actually hate other dogs... one goes after them while the other just wants to be sprayed by the hose and play with her ball lol)

Math was the bane of his existence! How Zachary could be smiling as he leaned over the textbook in Orion's lap and easily manipulate problem after problem, was far beyond him. In fact, while he had asked for his help and really, honestly, appreciated it, Orion had stopped listening three problems ago and instead was focusing on the gentle mint smell that wafted off of Zachary's hair and the small mole just beneath the back hairline of his neck.

I wanna lick there.

"Orion, you're not listening... and I don't think you have been for awhile."

Orion smirked and winked when Zach glared up at him.

"Guilty, sweetheart. I'm sorry, I just can't focus any longer."

Zachary rolled his eyes, then narrowed them. "We've only done ten problems. You have thirty-two due tomorrow and I won't do them all if you won't pay attention."

If Orion did actually focus and learn the problems Zachary had no issue doing them for him, even though that was considered cheating. As long as the person learned, it was unfair to force them to do everything without help. That's what homework was for, to help you learn the material.

Groaning, Orion flopped back on the pillows and sighed. "I know, I've just never been able to focus when it came to math. That's one of the reasons I never bothered with college before."

Zachary shook his head, setting the book aside after slipping the papers he'd been writing on in the bindings to mark their page. He then slipped onto Orion's lap, automatically drawing the man's full attention back to him. Orion eagerly ran his hands up Zach's clothed backside, letting them slow as they clasped around his waist.

"I think you can focus," Zachary said with a slightly scary smirk. "You just need the right incentive."

Orion blinked, frowning at the guy in his lap, yet unwilling to release his hold on him. He had hoped that he'd be let off the homework hook since he was caught again not paying attention, but Zachary didn't seem like he was going to drop it now. It's not like he couldn't afford to fail one or two assignments. The teacher said that he would drop at least one anyways.

"What kind of incentive?"

Grades and a chance to be partners with Xena in her business seemed like the best kind of incentive, and even that didn't help him learn much. It was honestly depressing. He'd had such high hopes and Zachary definitely understood, but he just wasn't getting a whole lot in his head. A few of the problems were easy once explained, but when they got more complicated he couldn't focus enough to piece them together.

"Well, we've already read several more chapters of the book."

Orion only had to think for a second to know that Zachary was talking about the S&M book and not the textbook, because he'd certainly not read more than a chapter of it.

"Yeah?" He replied, curious as to what Zachary had in mind.

"Well, u-um..."

Seeing his face burn made Orion fight back a grin. Instead, he waited patiently for Zachary to regain his ability to speak and finish what he wanted to say.

"Um, if you can get through this homework... a-and you get most of it right." He looked down, licking his lips worriedly before sneaking a glance back up. "Maybe we can try the um... chapter eight?"

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