Too Much

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"Hey Orion, don't tell me what the gossip train is saying is true and that you've finally gotten yourself another sub?"

Orion rolled his eyes, having just walked through the double doors to the kitchen. He wasn't surprised that the black-haired cook, David, was already interrogating him, either. The man had been one of his first tries in BDSM but they quickly realized that their versions didn't quite mesh. David liked pain, and Orion wasn't one to dish that out, no matter how much his sub wanted it.

"I know it wounds you deeply, but I have," Orion replied, unable to keep his excitement out of his voice for even a second. Zackary had called him Master, so it was official! Even though he hadn't even read the book about the basics yet, his backside was totally owned by him!

Mine! He chimed in his head as the cook chuckled and stirred the contents of a pot.

"I'm getting the broth for later ready but since the dishwasher left last night and Xena usually helps with prep, you're gonna have to try and cover both." David said, frustrated.

"Let me guess, Xena's got a hangover and can't manage to get out of bed? And she's likely blaming me for it." Orion said as he got out a pan after setting the food he'd brought in down next to the stove.

"Exactly. You know you could just use some of our eggs and bacon for breakfast if you want, you didn't need to bring that stuff." David said as he nodded to the food Orion had set down.

"It's a reward for my boy and I want to have bought it. Or at least most of it, I need to steal your sugar, milk, and flour." Orion said as he dug through the giant industrial fridge and pulled the three items out. 

"So you're basically paying for half of the meal because you were too lazy to bring the rest of the ingredients in two trips?" 

"Exactly," Orion replied with a smirk as he got busy mixing batter for the waffles, then got one into the iron before setting the meat to cook in the heated pan. It smelled delicious, and Orion's stomach was definitely glad that he'd brought enough for both him and Zachary to eat their fill.

"So, how's Domino treating you?" He asked as he flipped the waffle iron so the other side could cook.

When his friend didn't reply and instead Orion caught him shifting his collar a bit, he turned and walked over. If they hadn't been together previously he probably would have gotten away with it, but Orion didn't hesitate to carefully tug the collar up.


His friend tugged the collar back down over the healing ligature marks and shrugged. "Dammit David, I know you like it rough, but there's a limit!" Orion said, stress straining his voice as he tried not to shout. He knew getting upset was only going to worry David and push him away, so he forced himself to take several deep breaths and tended the food he was making before returning his attention to him.

He wanted to say something, and opened his mouth several times to do so, but when no words came out Orion ended up just walking over and slipping his key into the man's jean pocket. The gesture was understood and neither man reacted as Orion headed to Xena's room upstairs to snag the spare key. She was asleep, thankfully, so he just grabbed it and bolted before the sleeping lion could wake and neuter him.

By the time he returned to the kitchen Zachary was there with the most adorable faded pink apron on and his short hair tied back in a barely-there ponytail. Oh my god I want to kiss him. Biting back that thought, Orion walked over and stole a simple peck to his boy's cheek before noticing that he had his hands deep in a sink full of suds.

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