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Hearing the doors to the kitchen swing open wasn't something that usually took David's attention away from cooking, but when he heard heavy footsteps approaching, he hurried to turn and lift the spoon he'd been stirring a dark chocolate sauce with.

"Ah?" He questioned after blowing on the hot syrupy liquid a few times to cool it. When George stopped in front of him, David hurried to lift the spoon a little higher so that he could sample the small treat, but instead of going for the spoon George ducked his head a little lower and began biting at his lips.

He wasn't the best kisser... by far. In fact, he was quite terrible at it when he was trying hard to be good. When he was half asleep and relaxed? Decent. Not that David was upset about it either way. He loved getting the kisses, period, but the ones that ended up making his lips bruised, even bleed once? Those were heaven!

No wonder I scared Orion when we tried to date...


Hearing George's breathy words. Feeling his breath against his lips. Hot and moist, made his stomach knot with need.

"David, you're dripping chocolate down my back."

Forcing himself to focus, David slowly unwrapped himself from George, having not even realized that he'd literally climbed the man like a monkey, then locked his arms around his neck and legs around waist.

Oh, oops. The spoon.

Lifting the object up, he frowned, noticing that most of the chocolate was absent from it. Silently, he reached over and gently grabbed George's arms, turning him after a bit of resistance.


Since George had tugged off his shirt due to the unusually warm weather outside and was now gripped in his hand, the chocolate had dripped mostly on his skin. It's getting close to the waist of his jeans... better make sure it doesn't stain them. That would be bad.

Smirking to himself, David leaned over and hungrily began licking his way up George's warm skin. He felt his muscles bunch and twist beneath the attention of his tongue. A low groan echoed in the room as he got to the spot just beneath George's shoulderblades.

"Mm? Feel good right there?" He cooed, poking his tongue out to swirl in a slow circle. The muscle bunched suddenly as a shiver ran down George's spine and he grunted.

Normal grumpy George. Always refusing to answer any pervy questions.

He let it slide, however, because he knew Xena would kick both their butts if they didn't get back to work soon. So, instead of bugging George, he double-checked that he'd gotten all of the chocolate off him, then wrapped his arms around his waist from behind for a quick hug.

"Love you," he mumbled against George's skin, making the man turn in his arms and settle his large hands on his shoulders, then lean forward. "Huh? You mumbled."

If I hadn't, you probably would have fidgeted, then walked away. Just like last time.

Instead of saying what he thought, David just grinned up at George and stole a quick kiss.

"I said thank you. For coming to visit me during your break. I look forward to seeing you."

George's left brow rose slightly and he shrugged as his eyes darted around the room awkwardly. "We live together, idiot..."

David chuckled, nodding before walking over to the fridge and pulling out a small plate, then grabbing a fork. "Here. Dinner service is ending in a few minutes so there will be no more orders for the chocolate cake."

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