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Seeing George run back to their room several times throughout the day was odd. He'd said to stay out of it, that he was cleaning and rearranging stuff and didn't need him getting in the way. David didn't mind staying out of the room until later, but it definitely bugged him that he was told to. Not that he didn't love being told what to do, he did, but it seemed like George was trying to keep a secret.

Maybe he's switching to normal smelling soaps or something?

Shaking his head, David finally stepped away from the stove and sighed. Removing his apron, he walked over and hung it up before turning to Xena, who was finishing up with the few remaining dishes.

"Oh, go on. I know you're dying to know what that baboon is hiding from you." She said with a glance over her shoulder and an added roll of her eyes.

David smirked and ran for the door, but paused and looked back as he opened it. "He's an ape. So he'd probably be more of a gorilla."

Xena narrowed her eyes and sprayed him with the small hose attached to the faucet. David yelped and hurried out of the double doors. He decided to just run all the way to their room, suddenly feeling overly-excited and hyper. When he got there and turned the handle, however, the door didn't budge.


Glancing behind him, David didn't notice anyone laughing at some weird joke he was falling for... He returned his attention to the door and hesitantly lifted a hand, tapping his knuckles on the wood softly. When he didn't hear anything inside and George didn't open the door, he fidgeted and silently wished that he had accepted the key Xena had offered him. Sure he was living there with George, but he'd never locked the door before. And if anyone tried to break in, George would probably just laugh at them before causing bodily harm.

"Um... George?"

David had whispered the words at first, but then repeated them when there was still no response, raising his voice a little. He thought that he'd have to just give up and go back to the kitchen until George came and got him, but then the door creaked open a tiny smidge. Not wanting to let it slip shut and possibly get locked out again, he hurried to slip inside.

To his surprise, the entire room was dark besides the dim light coming from the bathroom. George was also nowhere to be seen, making David awkwardly walk toward the open bathroom door.

"George?" He questioned, his voice a bit hesitant and confused. When he stepped into the bathroom his mouth suddenly went dry. George was sitting on the closed toilet lid, his head in his hands as his elbows rested on his knees. All he was wearing was the pair of boxers with kittens fighting each other on them that he had gotten him a few days ago. If David hadn't noticed the slight grin touching the edge of his lips, he might have been worried.

"Come in and kneel down in front of me. Head down and eyes on the floor."

George's voice was surprisingly clear as he gave the order. The deep timbre made David shiver and obey immediately. His body reacted without even needing his mind to think through the movements.

"Good boy," George said once David had settled. The praise made his body hum with an eagerness to please that he'd been holding back since George had chased away Domino. When he felt a gentle but calloused hand press against his cheek, he hurried to nuzzle against it while keeping his eyes pinned to the floor.

When a blindfold suddenly took away his vision, his heartrate jumped. At the same time, a hopeful smile slid onto his lips. It took George a couple moments to continue, though David figured that he was focusing as much as he could on not freaking out from what he'd already done.

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