A Long Road

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They had been in the thrift store for nearly an hour and a half before finally walking out into the chilly, muggy air. Thankfully Orion had thought ahead, or watched the weather channel within the past few days, and had also bought Zachary a few sweatshirts and a bright red hooded jacket. The store owner had also been nice enough to let him change into one of his new outfits so that he felt more comfortable. Now they were walking down the street, having decided to leave the car after putting the extra clothing in the back, since Orion had told him that their next destination was close by.

He hadn't been lying, either. Not two minutes later he turned and held open a door, gesturing for him to step inside. Zachary did just that, ducking into the restaurant right as the smell of fast food Chinese food hit him in the face... and made his stomach rumble loudly. He was embarrassed at first, since he'd eaten only two hours ago, but then he actually chuckled to himself.

You're awesome, stomach, you know how to work it when you know you're gonna get filled.

It always seemed to know when he was going to get more than his normal once-a-day item. When Orion stopped beside him behind the man currently ordering, they both glanced up at the menu. Everything looked good, and he could remember from a long time ago that he liked sweet and sour chicken and the spicy green beans.

"What would you like, Zachary? And no lying and saying that you're not hungry, because your stomach is yelling at me to fill it or parish."

His words made Zach crack a smile and look up at him. "I really like spicy green beans and I think I remember trying the sweet and sour chicken, too."

He nodded, then they both stepped forward. Zachary considered ordering his portion after Orion ordered his, but he quickly closed his mouth when he realized that Orion was paying, so he could technically order anything he wanted and Zachary shouldn't interrupt, even if what he'd asked for wasn't requested. Orion ended up ordering what he'd wanted, then added a package of egg rolls, General Tso's chicken, and pork fried rice.

The food was done in only a few minutes and Zachary took the big bag, honestly wanting to at least carry it since Orion had bought it. He set it down on the table where Orion had sat down, then quickly began taking out the containers until the bag was completely empty. He then folded the bag and set it aside, eyes wide and eager for the big lunch.

Orion opened all of the containers, then, to Zachary's surprise, he split the rice between two of the long, see-through lids, then began sorting the food up on top of them. By the time he was done he'd moved about half of the food from the containers and made two decently-piled 'plates'.

"Best to try everything at least one," he said before nudging one of the lids over to Zachary, then handing him chopsticks.

Uh oh. My greatest nemesis.

After being on the streets for so long, he never got frustrated with anything... except for chopsticks. People often tossed them on the sidewalk, and since they were usually wrapped, he always picked them up in case he needed some type of utensil. They had unfortunately proven more of a hassle than a help.

Oh my god, that look! You'd think the poor guy had been stabbed by chopsticks repeatedly to glare daggers at the poor utensils like he is.

Holding back a chuckle, Orion slid from his seat and quickly pulled the one beside Zachary close, then took a seat, armed with his own unwrapped chopsticks.

"Don't like chopsticks, Zachary?" He asked, making the guy's expression sour.

Definitely not.

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