Ch 34 part 2

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No, I have no idea what happened. It was a glitch that I tried and couldn't fix. Soooo here is part 2 of ch 34. So please... stop swearing at me!

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She forced herself to focus on Jax. Not easy when the man laying on top of her was penetrating so deeply within her that her whole body lifted from the bed. He touched depths she never knew existed while fingers wrapped around brèasts and squeezed with teasing precise motion. Flutters of pulse wrapped within them. Flutters that thumped against her ribcage threatening to break through.

Jax watched them with awe. His need for them lengthening in a painful reminder that he literally had to 'wait his turn'. His eyes, dark and narrow, caught Cori's half open passion filled eyes with lust filled begging. He only needed the slightest of acceptances and he knew he'd be primed and ready for whatever touch she gave him.

"Suck him sweetheart" Russell groaned with the squeezing contraction she gave him. The position her body was in allowed deeper thrusts that now had him wondering how long he would last. He wanted their man involved as well. He wanted Jax to experience the beautiful feelings that he himself was feeling. He turned his head towards him "Come here."

Jax was upright on his knees quickly and his hard cóck was soon hovering between the two faces of his lovers. His breath matched the shaking of his body, panting gasps with far more dripping droplets he'd experienced for a long time and soon with absolute abandon his groan sounded like gunfire around the room.

Russell knew that Cori was nervous and with eyes now holding hers he encouraged her to copy him. His mouth kissed the gorged head between them. His tongue running along the length. A slight nod and Cori joined his exploration.

"Holy fûck! Oh shît!" Jax grabbed hold of Russell's shoulder with one hand and a pillow with the other. "That feels fûcking amazing! Oh God don't stop. Please don't fucking stop!"

Russell found it more difficult to concentrate on anything but his own release. His thrusts taking a new abandon as he watched the cõck he'd worshipped many times slip slowly from view in between Cori's perfect pink lips.

She groaned. The taste of Jax coupled with Russell moving his hand between them and down towards the source of their heat was sending her higher to the edge of oblivion.

"That's right... suck him sweetheart. Taste his cõck. He's hard for you."

Cori groaned around the length as somewhere in the back of her mind Russell's words registered. If anyone had told her that having sex would make you oblivious to everything else around you, she wouldn't have believed them.

Was it who you were with that made the difference?

"Shît babe. That's..." Jax threw his head back and like a lion he roared as Cori's confidence grew and she sucked on him with almost pulse like motion while her tongue slid across the lengthy opening at the head of his cõck "fûck babe. You do that so fúcking well!"

"And she only has the first few inches in her mouth Jax... can you imagine.."

"I know. Believe me I know."

Both men found themselves riding waves with an acute promise to bring it to a crashing... but fitting... end.

Russell rubbed fingers across the swollen nub of her clît. Each withdrawal his côck made was an opportunity for his fingers to work their magic on her body. He knew that like he was, she wasn't going to last much longer.

"Jax are you close?" he gasped out as his cõck was once again grasped firmly within Cori's convulsing muscles. He looked up and his mouth dropped open.

Cori had raised a hand to slide up and down Jax's length as her mouth worked its end. Jax's grip on his shoulder tightened and he could feel himself swelling at the perfect vision in front of him.

"God yes Russ..." Jax groaned at another pass of Cori's tongue "she's too good. Too fûcking good!"

Russell's fingers moved swiftly, more feverishly as he urged Cori to let herself go.

"Cûm sweetheart. Cover me honey."

His thrusting hips began to move like pistons as he drove into her. Her whimpers and moans just as much a turn on as being in her.

"If you..." it was too late. Jax felt the sudden rush as it left him. Cori gagged at the stream that hit the back of her throat. He pulled out and more spurting streams crossed her chin, her neck and her chest. She arched up naturally with the splatters hitting her and driving her into a wild frenzy. Her lower body moved in sync with Russell, as he pulled out she pulled away and repeated it with surging forward motions in between each one.

Movements frantic they worked. Sounds of slapping flesh intertwined moans and deep, harsh breathing. Russell couldn't help himself. He bent down and with the use of his tongue he lapped across the pooling rivers of Jax's seed. He loved it. The salty taste, the almost musky scent of the man who now knelt with his hands roaming across his back... he felt it. A finger. Then two... entering him. Pumping back and forth in rythym with his and Cori's. He couldn't stop the roar that bubbled up within him. He lapped faster and as Jax's long fingers found that sweet spot he held his mouth over the creamy flesh, hoarsely screamed and sucked hard... anything to help him concentrate on bringing Cori's release before his own.

Cori's body jerked and words she couldn't speak properly spluttered out of her. She felt the inferno burn like liquid lava as her insides pushed forth with a rush. She screamed and shuddered, fingers clenched around Russells' head. She felt herself spill over him. Her breathless pants held as her bidy arched into the pinching fingers of Jax's hands on her nípple.

Russell couldn't hold back any longer. To have lasted this long after all this time without a pûssy was a miracle within itself but now... he couldn't... and he didn't have to.

He pushed himself upwards to lock his elbows and stroke hard strokes into her. Her facial expressions spurring him on with their passion filled responses. Jax stayed with him bringing him to an örgasm like none he'd ever thought he'd experience. He felt the slapping weights beneath his cõck start to recede and with his eyes watching Cori intently he let go.

Over three years since he'd been with a woman and now as he held himself while his release pumped out of him he shook in the knowledge that he had finally been able to put the painful past behind him. He'd always remember and love Robyn but with Cori he saw a future.

A future for the three of them... if she wanted it.

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