Chapter 29

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Russell slammed the cupboard door and placed his coffee mug on the counter below it. He lent forward and rested his head on the upper cupboard and closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply.

Logic told him that he was being stupid. That tomorrow things would go back to the way they should be but damn if it didn't hurt more than he thought it would.

He felt jealous for no logical reason what so ever. Not even the fact of not being able to even give Cori a hug goodbye was a good reason but it really got to him.

The dinner had gone on without any further references to Jax and Cori being a couple and he had to admit he really liked that. It was stupid of him to even think this way but... No. He wasn't going to fall into the trap of denying Jax and Cori moments like the ones they had throughout dinner. It wasn't their fault. They were only doing what had been agreed upon.


Tomorrow he'd take off work early and spend some one on one time with Cori himself. He'd hold her close and enjoy the way her body melted into his touch. Yes. That's what he'd do. He'd put aside this petty jealousy crap and enjoy moments like those whenever he could get them.

He'd speak to Jax and Cori over dinner tomorrow and let them know he'd need times with Cori alone. Would they understand?


Russell turned to see Jax leaning against the door frame of the kitchen.

"Hey"  his voice quiet as he replied to Jax.

"It got to you tonight didn't it?"

Russell's eyes showed his surprise and Jax moved to stand up straight and walk into the room.

"It's ok. I understand and I'm sure Cori does too."

"How can you be so sure?" Russell didn't want to admit that his throat was like a knotted ball. Would... do they really understand?

"Well" Jax smirked "if you were entirely ok then you would have heard the knock on the door."

Russell's body tensed as he stood up straight.

"Knock?" Could it be? He was ready to move past Jax when he noticed the look on the younger mans face.

Jax nodded towards the back door and Russell turned quickly to see their girl standing with a small smile on her face while waiting for the screen door to be unlocked from the inside.

His breath hitched and his heart started to thump harder than it had been.


"You know... it might help if you unlock the door and let her in."

Russell's face reddened in his embarrassment as he somehow found the will to move.


The screen door swung out and Cori moved off to the side to avoid it. Her smile widened as she looked into his eyes.


His next words were cut off as Cori stepped forward and took his face in her hands and pulled him down until his lips met hers. The fire within him soon had Russell taking control as he moaned into her touch and his arms wrapped around her to pull her close.

He felt the anguuish of the night slip away with each taste of her lips. He needed this so damn much. He needed her.

Desperate hands roamed over Cori's back and grabbed her firmly by the hips pulling her even closer. Cori's small whimpers invaded his senses and he felt desperate to have her even closer.

His hands reached to cover the underside of her butt and lift her until her normal body reaction took over and her legs wrapped around his body.

Her body was held against the hardened length with two sets of material between them that prevented skin to skin contact.. What the material didn't prevent was the burning they both felt as Russell ground himself into her molten core.

Cori couldn't breathe. She pulled back with just a moment of loss as Russell's tongue and lips now traced her jaw and as she dropped her head back with a moan Russell took possession of her throat. Each swipe, swirl, lick and taste sent her senses flying.

She missed him. She missed being able to touch him whenever she wanted. Not that she was all that confident yet but having that right taken away affected her in ways she never imagined possible.

A small cough from behind Russell broke through their thoughts of one another.

"Guys" Jax spoke quietly before speaking again, this time more urgent. "Guys! Stop. Hell. Guys. It's Tim!"

Tbey broke away from each other suddenly and with breaths gasping they turned to look in the direction that Jax was looking.

Russell swallowed hard and gently lowered Cori to the ground. Her knees were unstable and he kept hold of her.

"Tim? What are you doing here?" Cori asked through her embarrassment.

Tim smiled widely.

"Well, I saw you walk out of the house and you hadn't come back so I came looking. Have to say though sis, I thought I might be walking in on a private moment between you and Jax but this..." he waved a hand between her and Russell "well. Ok. Just so I know. Are you really with Jax or are you with Mr Brown?"

The three in front of Tim fell silent. Faces solemn as each tried to work out what to say, how to explain.

Jax moved.

He wrapped an arm around each of his lovers shoulders.

"Both. All... well,  we're all together."

"The three of you?" Tim's eyes became saucers "You and Mr Brown too?"

Russell winced "The names Russell and... Yes. Jax and I were together before Cori came along."

They all waited for this information to sink in for Tim.

"Ok so you're bisexual?" Jax and Russell both nodded "And you want my sister too?"

"I think that's a given considering what you've seen tonight." Russell spoke dryly .

Tim grinned again before he nodded. "Never thought miss goody two shoes would do somthing like this but whatever" he shrugged "just don't hurt her."

"We won't."  Both men made the verbal promise.

"OK. Well, I'm heading back inside" he turned to leave, walked a few paces and then turned back to them.

"Just so you know guys, it might be an idea if next time you invite her inside. Dad isn't that openminded and if he'd caught you..." he left the statement unfinished and once again headed to Cori's house.

The three of them looked at each other and as relief settled in they started laughing and hugged each other.

Jax pulled back to look at Cori with a mischevious look in his eyes.

"I'm going to like having Tim as a brother in law."

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