Chapter 33

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Russell looked around the room. Every possible surface held a pale candle that flickered soft light into the room. He smiled a soft smile as he looked at the table. He'd decided to make this meal as special as he could. 

Stopping at the supermarket on the way home had taken time but the aroma that filled the house proved that the special care he took in choosing just the right vegetables, just the right cut of meat and from the florist next door, two large bunches of white carnations with tiny red rose buds... it all proved to be worth it.

He could hear the shower running as Jax showered and inhaled deeply at the thought of the younger man's taut, muscle bound body being drenched with the warmth of the water running over him. 

He'd heard Cori come home earlier and forced himself to stick to a simple phone call to arrange the time for their dinner. He thought of the nervous excitement he heard in her voice and knew that yes, Cori was definitely ready and all his worries calmed dramatically.

Seven o'clock. Just twenty minutes away was when she was expected and his heart pumped furiously with anticipation. He swiped his hands down his thighs while chuckling at himself for acting like a sweaty teen.


Tonight would be the beginning of something special for them all. A pause in time that would be a beautiful memory for them all.

Tweny minutes! Oh.My.God!

Cori raced from her bathroom to stand at the edge of her bed looking down at the clothes she'd chosen. A pale blue halter top with a black skirt that came halfway down her thighs. The top being a style in which she wouldn't be wearing the bra that matched the lacy black panties that were almost indecent.

Should she pick something else?

No. There wasn't time! She'd spent so long in her jasmine scented bath she was running out of precious minutes. This would have to do. 

She gasped slightly as the lace brushed against her freshly shaved centre and forced herself to hold back the heat that made her wish she had time to play, to explore.

A final twist of her hair and a small clip to hold it in place finished her look. Her mirror reflected the brightness of her eyes and the nervous anticipation filled with need.

He pulled the green shirt over his head and looked at himself before groaning a frustrating moan and ripping it right back off again. He reached for one of his signature white t-shirts and put it on. A quick look and he nodded his approval. 

He felt more confident in himself just by being himself. He knew that Cori wouldn't care if his shirt was green, white or even bright yellow... OK maybe the yellow would be too much but Cori being Cori she wouldn't make a fuss. 

He had to wonder what she actually saw in him? Sure, he was better looking than a lot of men but he certainly didn't see him as being overly attractive. Hell, if anything his tattoo's were probably a turn off for most women. Did Cori like them? Did she see him as some kind of bad boy because of them? Was that what she saw when she looked at him? A bad boy needed to be tamed? Or was it something else?

He shook his head and laughed silently at himself. His own nervousness taking hold as he pushed all other thoughts from his mind. This would be the first time he and Russell would have sex with the same woman... would that affect the relationship they already had?

Would things go right or would they go downhill from here? What exactly would tomorrow bring?

He heard the low talking from the loungeroom and knew that Cori had arrived finally. He'd been so wrapped up in his own thoughts he hadn't even heard her knocking!

He ran a shaing hand over his hair and grinned suddenly. This was it and the sooner he stopped doubting himself, for which he blamed Russell, the better.

He entered the loungeroom and his eyes darkened and blood rushed down in his body.

"Holy fuck babe. You're beautiful."

"You don't look too bad yourself."

Russell looked back and forth between the pair and grinned. Both looked as nervous as he had been when he opened the door to their girl. Seeing her standing there looking so beautiful had taken his breath away that he had to blink more than once to regain any sort of behaviour balance. 

"OK you pair. Time to eat dinner before it gets cold."

He took Cori's hand and led her through to the small dining area of the kitchen. Cori's gasp had his heart swelling with pride as he looked around the room. He led her to the table with Jax following. 

Jax moved swiftly to take out her chair as Russell helped to sit down. He leant down and kissed her cheek tenderly before the three settled to the meal that Russell had cooked for them. 

Light banter, silky touches of hands to cheeks and eyes filled with wonder, lust and passion were the centre of their meal before they settled back in the loungeroom with mugs of coffee. 

Jax reached over and trailed a gentle finger across the pulse of Cori's neck. He grinned widely to Russell who sat on the other side of her and watched his lover's hand trail the exposed leg next to him.

"Sweetheart" Russell started "are you sure? Really sure that this is what you want? That you're ready for this?"

Cori looked into the concerned eyes and smiled softly.

"I'm sure Russell. I want this more than anything else. I want to be with you and Jax. Tonight. Now... and for however long we're together."

Russell's grin all but sparkled at her answer.

"Then I have a question for you." He paused briefly before seeing Jax's nod of encouragement "Who do you want to be your first? Neither of us mind who you choose."

"That's right babe. We're happy to be with you either way so whatever you decide is fine by us both."

Cori looked between the two men. This was the reason she'd been running so far behind this evening. Her mind had wandered off while she was taking her bath. She imagined them both and had decided who it would be if she was given a choice.

The two men held their breaths as her eyes went from one to the other before finally they stopped on him. She turned slightly and placed a hand on his cheek.

"You. I pick you."

"Holy shit" he whispered. "Are you sure?"

She nodded "Yes. I pick you."

Jax stood suddenly and reached out his hand. Cori took it and allowed him to pull her upwards as Russell stood with them.

"Let's take this somewhere more comfortable."

Nodding in agreement Russell and Cori followed him into the bedroom where he turned suddenly and with a wicked grin he looked between them.

"I guess this is what it means when a teacher does a little home study."

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