Ch 3

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Russell was still awake when Jax finished his shower. There was no way in hell either of them were going to sleep any time soon. The little fireband sleeping next door being the reason. He felt as hòrny as hell and intended to take Jax along for the ride.

"Starting without me I see" Jax reached up and flicked the light off to the bathroom while keeping his eyes on Russell and he sat up at top of the bed with his dîck in his hand fisting himself.

"Ride me" Russell's voice hardened with lust filled desire.

"Shit pops. You could at least say please."

Jax walked over to the side of the bed while pumping his dïck quickly as it hardened to the strength of bone.

Russell reached out and shoved Jax's hand to the side and pumped Jax up and down in rhythm to the pumping he was doing to his own dîck. Jax stood with his head thrown back and eyes closed as he felt the urgent volcano building deep within.

Russell stopped suddenly and using the dîck in his hand he pulled the younger man forward until his legs hit the bed and let him go.

"Sit on my fuçkîng dick and ride me."

Jax moved up and over to straddle Russell's body and kissed his shoulder before he was pushed back.

"No foreplay. Just fuçk."

Jax grabbed Russells left nipple in his fingers and twisted it harshly.

"She got to you didn't she?"

Russell nodded with a scowl.

"Fuck you Jax. Ride my fückïng diçk!"

Jax grabbed Russells right nípple and gave it the same treatment as the left before doing both together.

Russell slapped a hard smack on the top of Jax's thigh and spoke through clenched teeth.

"Ride. My. Fuçkïng. Diçk!"

Jax raised himself with a smirk before edging backwards. He watched Russells intense stare as he hovered over the top of his diçk before slowly pushing himself down and taking the engorged diçk that stood hard and tall in his hand he held it steady as the puckered skin slid apart and engulfed the swollen knob.

Russell lost all his patience. Jax was taking too long. Slapping away Jax's hand hee pushed his hips upwards and with a swift jab he'd pushed past the initial resistance to bury himself deep inside Jax's arsë. A hoarse cry from them both resounded around the room.

Jax immediately started to move himself up and down over the slick diçk burying itself until he saw stars as his prostate was hit over and over again. His diçk dripped almost obscene amounts of precum as Russells hand worked it back and forth in a firm tantalising grip.

Neither of the pair would last long. Both thought of the sweet püssy that beckoned to their diçks like a lighthouse that called ships at night and their ships were very much called.

Frantic movements between the pair as Russell slid in and out of Jax built up with them both moving to compliment the other. Riding high on sweet lust as each reached for the sinful release they so desperately needed. Russell pushed up to meet Jax as he dropped back down over him and with a roar he lost his load in jet paced bursts that spilt thick white streams inside the arsê of his lover.

Jax's breathing became gulping pants as his diçk twitched to the point of compulsion when Russells hand tightened more firmly around him pumping him harder, faster whilst he was feeling the still hard diçk as it hit that sweet sweet spot again and again he screamed out a roar as his cüm shot oozing streams into the air until finally he was spent and the softening diçk started to slip from inside his arsê.

He dropped forward to hold himself over Russell as he lent in for a gentle kiss.

Russell held Jax by the sides of his chest and returned the almost innocent kiss he was being given as he waited for the moment to say what he already knew Jax would agree with.

"She's ours."

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