Ch 1

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Russell stomped out his front door with Jax calling out to him to calm down.

A pointless gesture.

His anger raged in him as he stomped his way across the front lawn towards the small car now parked in the driveway next door. Jax followed him in case he needed to calm him down. The last thing they needed was to scare the girl.


Russell was making his way around the car when his eyes caught the obvious damage from what looked like a crash. He stopped and ran his hand over it... blood.


He moved quickly to the drivers door and opened it to find one of the most beautiful women that he'd ever seen. Even the tears that ran down her face were nothing compared to the beauty he saw. She looked absolutely and completely devastated.

"Corianna?" He spoke softly. "Are you ok?"

She dropped her head into her hands and started to sob as she shook her head no. His heart melted.

"Oh shit sweetheart... come here."

He took hold of her hands and gently pulled her from the car and into his arms. She fitted his body perfectly and to him he felt like he was coming home.

She clutched his shirt in desperation as tiredness and shock settled over her. She sobbed as he held her by the waist and with one hand tucked underneath her hair.

"Shhhh sweetheart. You're ok. I've got you."

Slowly she started to settle and her sobs became hiccups that made him chuckle.

"Who are you?"

Russell looked down at the top of the beautiful raven haired woman with an amused look on his face.

"Make a habit of hugging men you don't know do you?"

He almost immediately wished he didn't say a word as he felt her stiffen in his arms. He didn't want that... ever.

Jax stood back and watched Russell as he held Corianna and grinned. He too, like Russell, thought she was beautiful and if the way that Russell was holding her was anything to go by then it was obvious that they'd finally found 'the one'. He'd seen her face as the door opened with the benefit of the interior light of the small hatchback. She'd taken his breath away and he couldn't wait till he got as close to her as Russell was.

He listened as Corianna told Russell what had happened and gupled at the thought of there being the possibility of more damage. She'd hit a kangaroo that crossed the road in front of her and miraculously missed a truck that was coming the other way.

The truck driver had stopped and pulled out the panel on the car so it wasn't sitting on the tyre and she could drive. He'd also made her calm down before letting her get back behind the wheel. It was while she was driving that she'd worked herself up again and chosen to drive slowly in a bid to be safe.

Thank god for the truck driver! If he hadn't stopped then she would have been stuck by the side of the road in the dwindling light on her own.

Cori pulled away from Russell as her phone started to ring.

"Hello Daddy.... Yes I'm here... I had a bit of an accident... yes... a kangaroo..." she looked up at Russell and nodded "yes Mr Brown is here... ok... Love you too Daddy."

Russell forced the grimace he felt starting to stop at hearing Corianna call him Mr Brown... That wouldn't happen again!

Cori went to hand Russell her phone "Dad wants to talk to you Mr..."

"Russell. Call me Russell."

She nodded with the beginnings of a blush starting to appear. She was looking straight at him as he took her phone and her immediate thought was that for an older guy he was damn hot.

Her head snapped to the side when she heard her name and again thought 'Hot!'

"Corianna.. I'm Jax. I live with Russell. Come with me and I'll make you a coffee and then we'll get you settled in."

He held out his hand to her and Russell stepped back and nodded his approval and gently pushed Cori towards Jax as he talked with John.

Cori took the hand that was outstretched to her amd felt the warmth of it as her small hand was engulfed by his larger one and allowed herself to be gently pulled towards the house next door. They walked in silence until they reached the brightly lit loungeroom where Jax turned and smiled at her.

She inhaled quickly and her heart started to race. Now, in this light she was blown away by how gorgeous this man really was. Dark brown hair and deep almost rich chocolate eyes that seemed to look through her.

"Corianna" Jax started.

"Cori please... and thanks for helping me."

Jax smiled widely.

"Pleasure's all mine babe. As I was saying... if you'd like to freshen up I'll get the coffee going. Bathroom's that way. Third door." He pointed to the dimly lit hallway.


"No problem. Take your time. I'll wait till you get back before pouring."

She nodded with a soft smile before walking down the hallway. Third door. Easy enough to find. As was the mirror.

Oh good Lord! Her face! How embarrassing.

She'd been looking at two hot guys while her face looked like it had been in a horror movie. Streaks of mascara made perfect the props of her movie. Her eyes, normally clear were now red and swollen. Her nose, well she wouldn't be surprised if Rudolf asked for it back. Her usual complexion hidden by the mess.

She looked awful!

Running the water at a warm temperature she quickly made the horror was away to reveal the slightly pale peach below the make up that she'd worn that day.

Her eyes while still looking red were starting to look like their regular shade of green. It was the best that she could do. A towel off to the side made quick work of the moisture on her face as she patted it dry. 

Time to go back out to look... see... um... have coffee with him and possibly Russell if her father had let him get off the phone. Her father's ability to talk for hours was the ultimate of embarrassments as he revealed secrets about his children.

She looked at herself one more time before she left the bathroom and in that brief instant she recalled the words Jax said when he introduced himself. Now she found that she was left with the question... were they gay? Not that it mattered to her. She wasn't attracted to either of the men. Sure they were both good looking, hot, cute in a rugged sort of way.

Damn. She was attracted to them both!

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