Ch 23

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Not edited. BAHAHAHAAAAA! you my little pervettes crack me up! ok. I'm sorry but I have to be honest... I had to have to laugh at your disappointment at the previous cliffhanger..  which sorta was but wasn't lol. Come on people... you know me! Cliffhangers and teasers are how I write... and in this story especially it leads to the possibility of a private chapter and you and me both want those!

Cori licked her lips as she looked from one man to the other her eyes mischievious, her body poised for escape. A step backwards had her hitting the office chair and falling back into it with a thud as both Russell and Jax chuckled and came closer still.

"How long do you have for lunch sweetheart?" Russell asked.

"Half an hour before I have to be back in the classroom."

Russell looked at Jax.


Jax grinned again.

"Oh she's do-able. The question is do we have time?"

Cori gasped.

"You... that's..." she blushed as her hands gripped the arms of the chair as she looked from one to the other.

She squealed and then giggled as Russell moved suddenly to turn the chair towards him as he fell to his knees in front of her.

"Hi sweetheart" he reached up and cupped her face as he pushed between her knees to get closer to her. His mouth fell on her with a lust filled demand that had her moaning in response.

Her arms wrapped around him with his heat seering into her as they got closer. Russells right arm moved around behind her back to pull her further forward in the chair as his left hand now held the back of her head with fingers curled in her hair.

Jax looked on and groaned. He reached down and moved his growing length as its growth made it impossible to breathe before giving in and releasing the pressure completely with an undone zipper and button.

Russell's hands made light work on the buttons of Cori's shirt to reveal the bra that teased him earlier that morning. With a quick motion he pulled one side of the material aside and pulling away from Cori he grinned at her flushed face and swollen, completely kissed and reddened lips  before dropping his head and smirking at Cori's groan as he dragged his tongue over the perky raised bud.

The look of sheer delight on Cori's face as her eyes fluttered to close was too much for Jax to handle and he took a step forward.

Cori felt her hand being lifted away from the hard muscles of Russell's shoulder and her eyes flew open with a gasp as her fingers were wrapped around Jax with his hand covering hers.

She was torn by her bodys need to react to Russell's relentless teasing of her brèasts. His mouth and hand ensuring there was no skin left untouched.

She groaned as she felt Jax pushing against her palm. His hard length moving easily across her soft skin; a contrast to the thick hard length it held. The firmness she expected but the soft texture was a tormenting tease of warmth that she wanted to explore.

Her mind was becoming increasingly fogged with the ministrations of the two men. Feeling Russell lift her hips slightly as material moved and left her bare skin sitting on the chair increased the temperature between her legs to which she squirmed and gasped at the feeling of the rough material pressing on the soft plump covering of her heat.

Russell returned to position himself between her legs with his hands sliding with wistful touch that determinedly made its way upwards on her thighs. Her gasps spurring him on as fingers traced the outer edges of swollen lips with none too subtle flicks across the pair while lingers traces over the break between.

Russell held her hips down against her thrusting into his hands while his fingers teased, traced and lingered on spots she only recently knew existed.

He watched as Cori and Jax both showed urgent signs that they were getting close. Their expressions and moans were almost his undoing bit he forced the urge to take himself out and drive home deep within Cori as he took Jax in his mouth.

The simple thought almost.... almost became his nemesis. He held back until gasps became urgent... frequent.


Cori and Jax who had been watching one another both swung to look at him in disbelief.

"How... WHY?" Cori cried.

"It'll be sweeter in the end sweetheart."

"Fûck you Russell" Jax reluctantly started redress. "Cori, remember when you asked about BDSM?"

She nodded with a blush as Russell's hand brushed over her as he helped her get her clothes back on.

"Yeh well. Denial..." he pointed to Russell "this ârsèhole loves it... as long as he's the one in control."

"Yeh but I can just..."

"Nope sweetheart" Russell grinned "No playing with yourself or Jax or cûmminlg until I say so."

Cori's mouth dropped open and both men laughed at her.

"But... you.." her shoulders dropped "are you...?" she didn't know exactly how to ask.

"No. I don't either. It's not just you and Jax being denied. I deny myself as well and you know what sweetheart?" he pulled her back into his arms again and dropped a small kiss on her mouth "When you cûm after being denied it feels like heaven just exploded."


Soooo I have a cold shower up for auction? anyone? Maybe some partners will be thanking me later? lol

This story is far from over... but this scene is :D

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