Ch 19

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"How long till dinner babe?" Jax kissed taunting kisses across her shoulder.

"Uh..." she tried to think "half an hour."

Jax raised his head and looked at Russell. The older man grinned back at him.

"Mmm babe. I don't know if I can wait that long." His sorrowful voice a stark difference to the gleam in his eyes.

"It's not that.... aaaaaaah!"  Her eyes closed and her head fell back again as her body reacted to the force of Russell's touch as he took hold of her nìpple between his fingers and squeezed them together. She arched instinctively towards him as his mouth closed over her earlobe and he spoke.

"Sweetheart we're going to have to let Jax eat. He's unbearable to live with when he's hungry."

"But..." she tried to answer as her hands grabbed hold of his arms

She couldn't think!

"Shhhhh... lasagne isn't what I feel like eating right at this moment babe." Jax's voice was thick with desire.


Jax's hand were moving all over her hips. Sliding up and underneath her shirt to the band of her pants and sliding into them. His mouth latched onto her shoulder as his hands pushed downwards taking material with them until it fell freely to swamp her ankles.

She gasped as Russell's head ducked down and he latched onto her nipple through the material of her shirt with a deep moan. He sucked hard and she groaned. His hands started pushing the material upwards and his mouth only stopping it's onslaught to free the dimpled flesh of its casing before his tongue slipped across the hard little bud to send rippling sparks through to her core.

Hands. Hell. Their hands were everywhere! Her exposed skin was like a beacon that they had to explore. Their insistent teasing not making contact with the parts of her that desperately begged for their touch.

Again and again they went close until she was a whimpering mess. Her body begged for more and the noises from her mouth a feeble attempt to beg for more.

"Please...." the first coherent word that came to her mind as Jax's mouth moved towards her neck "please..."

Jax grinned against her throat to feel the thumping pulse beneath his lips and he whispered...

"I'm going to eat you out babe. I'm going to slide my tongue into you and fúck you while I play with your clít."

How she ended up on the floor was anyone's guess but the cool tiles beneath her back were soon forgotten as Russell's mouth resumed it's sucking and licking of her títs.

Jax moved her legs open with an admiring hum at the hot wet centre of her opened up with an irresistable invitation for him to indulge in its secrets.

"Fúck babe. I can't hold out. I have to taste you now."

Her legs were pushed open further as Jax settled between her thighs and his head lowered until she screamed out at the contact of his tongue while it slide purposely up her moistened slit before pushing through.

Her whole body cried out for more. She wanted to hold Russell's head closer and push herself into Jax's face. The pleasure she was receiving was criminally insane but she wouldn't complain!

Russell looked down to see Jax's eyes close at the heavenly taste he was receiving. He watched as Jax stopped over and over again and knew from his own experience that Jax was pushing Cori to the edge without letting her fall over. 


He was hard. Hard to the point of being engorged and needing relief.. at least he could relieve the pressure of his jeans zip against his hot flesh. Going commando wasn't something he did often but at the moment his zip was down he felt relieved that he'd chosen to that day. The cool rush of air against him with Cori's fingers gripping his hair on top of what Jax was doing was almost enough to send him over his own edge like a teenage boy who'd touched his first set of títs.

Jax looked up and saw Russell watching. His gaze quickly drawn to the long length that Russell had released and he groaned into Cori's hot flesh and he sucked her quivering pea sized bud. He slipped a hand beneath her and pushed her upwards as her body was demanding. The small action rewarding him with a sound as primal as a cat on heat. His tongue swirled menacing circles of determined dominance and flicked to tease and torment. She was close... but he held back. He wasn't finished yet.

His eyes narrowed to see Russell's hand reaching for himself and he frowned his disappointment and reached to the side of Cori to push Russel's hand to the side and grip onto his cock himself. The instant jerk making him smirk.

The second that Jax came in contact with him had him letting go of Cori with his mouth and groan while dropping his head down as his hands strengthened their grip on her tìts. He squeezed hard and the stiff nipples pushed up into his palms.

"Oh fúck! Fúck!" He was in heaven.

Jax was tormenting them both and loved every moment! He felt Russell trying to pump himself harder into his hand but he kept the pressure slightly off what he wanted, denying him a quick ending. Cori tasted fúcking delicious and every time his tongue left her and returned he could swear she became wetter and wetter as her heat rose.

Over Cori's mound he thrilled in the sight of his lovers both squirming at his mercy. Each now with their eyes closed and panting in reaction to his touch. Fúck they looked good.

He fisted Russell slowly, dragging his curled grip up and down while keeping it deliberately loose and moved to enter Cori's flowing hole for more of her sweet sweet nectar. His tongue lapping at ever drop of moisture he could reach and stretching for more. Each drop he savoured was precious and more inviting. He dragged her walls determined not to miss out on any possible place a drop could be hidden. He fucked her over and over with a clear intention of being given more.

Cori begged him to go further and his face buried into her. Over and over again he pushed into her until his own needs demanded he finished what he was doing. He wanted to feel that shudder her body gave as she came all over his tongue and gradually his tongue and hand grew more persistant and their touch harder. With matching movements he urged them both further until both his tongue and hand felt the simultaneous twitches as muscles clamped and spasmed.

His own movements unexpected and more frantic as he himself ground into the floor below his stomach.

Together he demanded they cúm with him as he emptied himself, spurting his thick white release into the material that covered him while Cori's lucious taste soaked over his taste buds and Russell blew a perfect stream past his hand to land on the side of Cori's stomach and then again until his strength grew weak and lay depleted in Jax's hand.

"Oh my God" Cori whispered as her breath returned to normal. She knew she'd be reliving this moment for a long time. She could only hope that there was no one else around because she was sure she'd need to touch herself when she did.

Russell started to chuckle, his breath still not quite right so the sound was deep and in some ways sounded sinister.

"I think we need to order pizza."

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