Ch 16

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Not edited. Just a quick one for now.

Cori gathered up her papers and as she tidied them by rapping their edge firmly against her desk she heard the sounds of children start to enter the school.

Excitement filtered her at the realisation of what those sounds meant. The promises they made that filled her with emotions both of fear and of achievement.

She'd done it. She was teaching in a school. This was more than a dream come true, it was a way of life she couldn't wait to explore.

Now if only her personal life was this easy to organise. She'd finally convinced Russell and Jax that she was fine around ten o'clock last night and sent them home with threats of physical harm if they tried to stay.

Russell was the first to give in while saying his back was older than theirs and as such it was his duty to ensure that it didn't collide with another floor any time soon.

Jax had laughed and said he'd seen the results first hand and wasn't going there any time soon.

Neither had balked when she said she really needed to think over what they were asking of her. They were willing to give her time but hoped she didn't take too long.

A soft knock to the classroom door was accompanied by a smiling Gavin.

"So serious looking on your first day Miss Hill!"

His grin was gorgeous and combined with the sparkle in his eyes it was positively lethal.

"Hey Gavin."

She watched him walk forward and found herself drawn the obvious ripple of the material across his toned chest.

"Still up for lunch?"


"Oh yeh, sorry I forgot all about it but yeh... sounds good."

"Great. Any preferance? I'll call and order to save time."

"Oh... anything will do. I'm not fussy."

"Chinese it is then." He grinned and her legs almost buckled beneath her.

Right at that moment four kids came running into the room screaming with laughs and silly behaviour.

"That's enough. Walk in the building please." Gavin said firmly.

The children stopped.

"Sorry Mr Taylor."

"I'll let it go this time, just don't do it again."

"No sir"

Cori found their joint replies to be absolutely adorable. Joined with the seriousness of their expressions ahe fought the urge to smile.

"Good kids. Go and sit down and remember to behave for Miss Hill."

They both watched as the children scurried to their seats and then Gavin turned and winked at her.

"I'll talk with you later on that other matter Miss Hill."

She smiled.

"Very well Mr Taylor. I'll be free at twelve thirty."

From that moment on her morning flew by quickly as she met the entirety of her class and played the bad guy when it was obvious they were testing how far they could push things before she cracked.

They had no idea about the voluntary work she did in her local preschool while she was still studying. It gave her the edge for now.

Concentrating was a problem after she realised how hungry she was and that's when the pangs of guilt she'd been pushing aside surfaced in a big way.

Yes Gavin was attractive but what about Jax and Russell? Was it fair to any of them for her to behave like this?

What was this exactly?

She was confused. Being with Jax and Russell had excited her beyond belief but it was obvious that Gavin wanted more as well.

Moments after the bell rang for lunch she heard a cheerful Gavin coming through the door.

"Hey there Miss Hill. Ready for lunch?"

Seeing him there made her decision so much easier. She was attracted to him, hell he was gorgeous but he wasn't Jax, he wasn't Russell. She didn't want him that way.

"Gavin..." she found herself struggling for words.

"You just want to be friends right?"

She looked at him in surprise and nodded.

"Thought so. Now let's go to lunch."

"But..." yep, she was definitely confused.

Gavin smiled that smile that would have many women swooning over him in a moment.

"I can do friends Cori."

He motioned to her to lead the way from the room and sure enough the two of them had a lot of fun talking about mishaps from the schools past.

He walked her back to her class and stopped whenever children ran up to them to say hello. He really was good with them.

"Well thanks for lunch Miss Hill." He lent closer so that only she could hear the words that he said next.

"I don't give up easily Miss Hill. I want you and I always get what I want."

He stood back with a cheeky grin before turning away to leave her with her mouth on the floor.

This was... wow!


Do we like Gavin? ;)

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