Ch 21

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"You're not serious?" Jax gulped.

"Oh hell yes I am." Russell's grin was borderline evil "Cori come here sweet girl" he held his hand out and pulled her to him when she placed her hand in his.

"But Jax..."

"Will stay where he is with his hands by his sides" Russell said with a gleam in his eye.

"Russell" Jax groaned out with a whine "please... let me touch our girl."

Russell raised an eyebrow as he looked over the top of Cori.

"Begging already?"

"Fúck yes! Have you seen her?" his arm thrown out towards Cori "Of course I want to touch her! Please Russ!"

"No." The reply was final, no argument left for discussion type of final.

"Sweetheart" he bent down and kissed her slowly, his mouth teasing hers "help me take my clothes off."

She grinned a nervous grin and reached for the hem of his shirt. His eyes encouraged her and his body reacted to the slight touches that caressed his skin as her hands went under the material.

"Sweetheart the whole point is to make Jax beg... not me" Russell looked amused yet with lust filled eyes.

Cori laughed a nervous giggle but continued what she was doing. In fact she had no idea what she was doing that would make Russell want to beg. This was the first time she'd ever undressed a man!

Her hands reached for the top of his pants and Russell's hands lay over hers.

"I think I should take it from here."

Cori blushed and dropped her hands to her side as she stared at Russell's chest.

Jax started to laugh loudly.

"You aren't fúcking immune you old bâstard! Sucks to be you right now!"

Cori looked at Jax quickly in surprise, her face holding the question she didn't ask.

"Oh babe," he shook his head "Russell's worried because he wants you and when you touch him he wants to beg you for more."

Her mouth formed a perfect 'O'.

"At least Jax I know she can touch me and I get to touch her. You on the other hand have to watch... who's laughing now?"

Jax's happy expression fell to a dark disappointment.

"Fúck you Russ."

"If you're lucky Jax. If you're lucky."

Cori turned back to Russell and found him naked before her. Her eyes ran over him with curiousity as he watched on. She reached out a hand and slowly traced the lines of his chest. She wanted to look further down and even though she'd been with him she felt embarrassed at the thought of staring at his cóck.

His hitched breath that he hissed in was a testament to what she was doing to him as he pushed down the urges that stirred in his lower body.

He wanted nothing more than to rip off her clothes and fúck her until she screamed his name.

"Russ... please..." Jax's voice was thick and full of desire.

"Cori sweetheart... I think Jax needs some help. We better get you out of your clothes so you can help him with his."

Cori looked up at Russell who smiled encouragingly at her. Her nerves weren't going to survive if he kept going with his plans and in some ways she felt as Jax did. Wanting more but unable to do anything about it. Her curiousity was tweaked while Russell continued his torture of Jax and with slow and deliberate movements he removed her clothes.

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