Ch 22

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Jax dropped Cori off at school with a kiss that had her toes curling.ussell had said his goodbyes earlier with a make out session that resulted in her needing to do her hair all over again.

She couldn't help but grin as she walked through the doors and into her classroom.

"Good morning Miss Hill"

Gavin walked through her door with a smirk.

"That smile Miss Hill... am I to take it you and Jax..." he waggled his eyebrows.

"Wha... No!" she blushed at the impression but heated up as she recalled just what they did do.

"Relax Cori" Gavin laughed "I'm just teasing. So. Lunch today?"

"Sorry Gavin. Either Jax or Russell are picking me up so I can get my car."

"Why bother them? I can drive you" he suggested.

"Thanks for the offer but it's already organised."

"Are you sure? I'm sure they wouldn't mind. We can have lunch first..."

"No" she quickly broke in "but thanks anyway."

Gavin nodded and faked puppy eyes.

"Lunch tomorrow?" he batted his lashes "Please?"

"You..." Cori started to laugh while shaking her head "Fine. Tomorrow."

"Yes!" Gavin fist pumped the air before stopping short to look at her with a cheeky grin. "I mean that's great. Looking forward to it."

Cori shook her head with a alight giggle.

"You're crazy."

"Oh I'm more than crazy Miss Hill. I'm a special kind of crazy."

Cori burst out in loud laughter.

"Miss Hill! Are you laughing at a felow teacher?" His hand lay across his chest as he pouted.

Her laughs became giggles as students started to file in the door greeting her with heartfelt 'Good mornings"

"Mr Taylor, I do believe you have a class to attend to?"

"You're right Miss Hill" he headed to the door and winked at her before heading through it.

The morning went by slowly. She chided herself for watching the clock tick down. Literally counting the last seconds until the lunch bell rang while laughing at herself.

Jax's cheeky smile was more than infectious  as she hopped into the car and put on her seatbelt.

"What? No kiss hello?" his mouth pouted.

"Nope. Too many children about."

"Nawww that's no fun. You're our girl. Those kids would have to see their parents kiss."

"Maybe they do but it's more the school board that worries me."

Jax turned back to the front and reached for the keys.

"Fine, but just you remember babe that as soon as this car stops I plan on kissing you."

His voice mockingly stern as he pulled the car intonthe street.


"Just oh? No protests or better yet no Oh Jax I'd love that?"

Cori burst out laughing as Jax's ridiculous female impression. For a man of his physique the silliness was definitely unexpected while at the same time she was left wondering exactly who Jax and Russell actually were in themselves.

OK so she knew they were loving and caring men but who were they? What was it that made them who they were? What was their favourite colours? Their favourite drink? Their favourite meal?

She'd spent less than a fortnight in town and here she was being the third in a crazy menàge relationship. When exactly did her common sense run away and her inner slût kick in?

"You're very quiet babe" Jax's own voice was reflecting the quiet she portrayed.

"Just thinking."

"About?" he asked.

"Well..." where to start? "it's just... well this" she waved a hand between then "I've never been someone to jump head on into anything and I've only known you and Russell for a short time and..." her words drifted off.

"You're wondering if it's right for you?"

"Well there's that and how different this whole relationship is."

Jax chuckled.

"Sorry. I'm not laughing at you but have you considered how many types of relationships there actually are in the world? Babe, what we do, what we are, it's more natural than you'll ever hear about on the street. God babe. People have been hiding themselves for centuries. Pretendinv to the world to be something they're not while behind closed doors they allow themselves to be who they are. Yes. You, me and Russell are different to the usually acceptable relatuonship but would we be if there wasn't judgemental fûckwits in the world? Babe the gay community have been fighting to be recognised for years and still there's people too scared to come out of the closet. Hell, look me and Russ. Sure we chose to stay quiet because of my mum but can you imagine this town if we came out? Imagine all those old biddies who come to the garage? Shít. They're scarey enough as it is!"

Cori grinned as he shuddered but knew exactly where his words were coming from.

"Relationships are normal for the people living them?"

"Exactly! Don't ditch before you live it."

"Wow" she said softly "see this is what I meant. I hardly know you guys but that... well hell I'm proud to know how you think on these things."

"Well stick around babe.I have a massive stock pile of brilliant opinions." He reached the ignition and turned off the engine.

Cori hadn't even realised they'd turned into the driveway of the garage.

"I do believe girlfriend that you owe me a kiss" Jax said smugly.

"Oh look! There's Russell!" She scrambled with a giggle out of the car and headed towards Russell.

"HEY!" Jax got out his side "You little witch!"

Russell moves aside slightly as Cori came closer, still giggling.

"Go into the office sweetheart" his voice was low "I can't wait to kiss you."

"Cori Hill! You owe me!" Jax marched up behind her as she made her way through the office door.

"Owes you what?" Russell asked with a grin.

"A kiss. Damn woman escaped before she said hello properly!"

Cori scooted around the desk quickly and laughed back at him.

Jax looked at Russell who reached back and hit the button to close the garage doors. Both men smiled knowingly at one another before looking at her again.

"Cori, sweetheart... did you make Jax wait?"

"Yep. Too many kids around."

"I don't see any around her at the moment" he grinned an almost wicked grin.

"Oh there isn't Russ, our girl is just teasing me and I think we need to teach her a lesson."

"Oh... you mean we should teach the teacher?" Russell asked in an improvised innocent voice

"Hell yes" Jax smirked

"Oh shít" Cori whispered as both men rounded the desk on either side towards her. Her eyes darted around quickly as she searched for an escape.

Both men wore grins a mile wide. Each knowing that their girl wasn't going anywhere. She was cornered by her own actions and that left them all with a wondering question.

Which man was going to kiss her first?

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