Ch 14

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Not edited. Please remember this is private for a reason. Adult only material.

Cori's head dropped back as Jax's mouth trailed down her neck. Her eyes half closed as she bit back on a moan.

What the hell was she doing?

As Russells hands swirled higher on her thighs her eyes flew open.

"Wait!" She pushed herself away from the two men and stopped in the middle of the room.

"I... this... no."

"No?" Jax asked with one eyebrow lifted upwards.


Russell shrugged.


He stood up and pulled Jax towards him. Jax stood a little taller than Russell so in this position he was looking down into Russells face with his arms lazily across Russells shoulders.

"Have you ever seen two men kiss sweetheart?"

She shook her head.

"This is a part of us. You, Russell, me... Us. We want you in our lives babe but we still want each other as well."

Russell watched as the confusion etched itself over Cori's face and holding out a hand he beckoned for her to come to them.

Shaking her head Cori took a step back.

"This isn't right. You're gay and..."

"We're bisexual sweetheart. There's a difference. Being gay would mean that we only like men but we don't. We like women too."

"But... I don't understand what you want from me."

Jax pecked Russell quickly on the mouth before moving away and walking towards her.

"We want you to share our life, our partner, but that's not what you really want to know is it? You want to know what'll happen in bed. You want to know if we'll have you separately, together or if we'll be having sex with you watching or doing something else. Isn't that right?"

Cori took another nervous step backwards while swallowing hard as Jax reached her.

"Don't be nervous babe. It's perfectly natural to be worried about a situation like this. The answer you want to know?" his eyes twinkled mischieviously "All of the above."

"Holy cráp" she whispered.

Russell chuckled as he watched Jax pull Cori to him.

"Be careful Jax. She may lay you out if you go too far."

Jax grinned at the memory and rested his forehead on Cori's.

"Babe you can lay me out any time you want. Hell, ask me nicely and I'll lay down without you making an effort."

Russell started to walk towards them.

"Well sweetheart? Do you want to find out what it's like to be pleasured by two men?"

Jax' hands were moving slowly over her and she felt herself shudder as his palm ran circles across her hip and across the cheek of her arsè. His hand dipped and her legs buckled at the sensations he cause as he pushed a finger back and forth between her legs.

"I think you want to see what it's like" Jax whispered in her ear "you want to know what two sets of hands can do to your body. Two mouths. Two tongues."

To accent his words Jax trailed his tongue down her neck. Her slight gasp spurred him on as Russell stood behind her and started to drop small kisses across her shoulders.

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