Ch 5

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Three days. Three days since she'd arrived and her blood was boiling. It was as if she'd never left home. Every time she turned around either Jax or Russell were there and taking over whatever she was doing. Even her own father had cut her some slack with some things!

Well not tonight. Tonight she was going out to Bar 53 and enjoying herself. She planned to let her hair down and have a few drinks and take the chance to meet some more of the locals.

She'd met a woman called Carol who told her about the bar and said she was welcome to join her and her friends.  It was apparently the 'thing' to do on a Friday night in the small town. So she was going.

Jax didn't like it one bit when she told him she had plans after he invited her over for dinner again... but that was his problem. She was twenty two not three. She wanted to have some fun.

So here she was running late after arguing the finer pointa of her being an adult with Jax. Watching the clock and still curling her hair before Carol and her friends picked her up in a few minutes. A smile played on her face when she looked at the way her make up made her eyes sparkle. She loved the effect and felt it made her look, well, pretty.

Finally done she walked outside as a car pulled up and Carol jumped out and greeted her. A young guy got out of the back and held the door open for her.

As she got into the car she noticed Jax and Russell both sitting on their verandah watching them. A quick wave to them and she was sitring in the middle of the back seat with a guy either side of her. The guy on her right was Steven while the guy who'd let her into the car was named Gavin. The guy driving was Carol's boyfriend George, older brother to the pair in the back.

She was finally going to have some fun!

Two hours later, Steven had gone off to catch up with someone else leaving them havinv a few drinks and getting to know people who knew how to tell a good joke and she was laughing like crazy. As it turned out Gavin was a teacher at the school she was about to start at. He was twenty five, single and as Carol kept pointing out... available. He taught grade three while she'd be teaching first. It was good to know she knew someone she'd be working with.

The music in the pub was blaring with people up and dancing on the makeshift dance floor when Gavin invited her to dance and she readily accepted. Dancing was a favourite past time of hers though usually done in the privacy of her own room so no one would laugh... she was bad.

Before long the music changed from the upbeat tunes to a slow song and Gavin held his hand out to her to silently ask for her to dance like the other couples on the floor. She took it and soon they were moving gently together with her arms resting lightly on his shoulders. When his hands moved from her waist to her hips she tried not to think about it. He was only doing what the other couples were doing but still it had her moving her hands down onto his chest.

They sat in the darkened corner and watched. Russell grabbed Jax's arm when he went to move after seeing Gavins hands move down. He shook his head at him.

Gavin moved his head down to whisper in her ear.

"I like you Cori. I'd like to take you out to dinner some night."

He made her feel strange but maybe that was just the fact that she'd only just met him? Whatever it was though she pushed it aside. It was only dinner after all. She nodded and he grinned.

Jax wanted to murder the brat. He knew he had no right. She wasn't theirs... yet! But that fücker kept moving his hands over her hips! He was going to die a slow fücking death if he didn't move them soon.

While Russell felt the same level of jealousy as Jax he was a little more restrained with how he dealt with his feelings so he appeared calm to those around them.

"Don't do anything stupid. She isn't ours yet Jax. We don't want to scare her off."

"But that fücker..." Jax started to protest with a snarl.

"Won't get past what he's doing."

Jax looked at the determination on Russells face and felt satisfied with his statement. He was right... unfortunately. He'd wait and plan a violent ending to the brat in his head.

The evening wound up too soon. Cori was having so much fun she didn't notice the time flying by. It was disappointing as they finished up their drinks and readied to leave.

Russell had been watching the driver all night. Watching how many drinks he'd had and he wasn't impressed when he said he was sober enough to drive them all home.

A quick call had the local cop walking through the doors. A bellowing voice reminded everyone about drinking and driving.

Cori and her new found friends had decided to walk. Russell smirked a smile of satisfaction until he realised that Cori and Gavin were going to be walking home alone.

No way in hell!

A quick text message and the local cop who was now standing off to the side of the front doors soon told an approaching Gavin and Cori that he'd be glad to drive them home.

Russell and Jax watched as Gavin tried to protest but when a cop says something's going to happen there's no point arguing.

They took their chance and walked towards the trio. Russell held out his hand.

"Jim! Good to see you old man. What're you doing annoying all us law abiding citizens?"

Jim just laughed "I'm about to give this pair a lift home."

Russell turned to Gavin and Cori and with an award winning oscar performance he acted surprised to see her.

"Jim, Cori lives beside us. We can give her a lift if you like?"

"How much have you had to drink?"

"Same as usual. Jax makes up for us both."

"Hey!" Jax who'd been standing quietly by letting Russell carry on with what ever scheme he had going on with Jim stepped forward. Jim started to laugh.

"Ok... you two. Head home. Are you ok with getting a lift with these guys..."

"Cori... and well I guess." she turned to Gavin "thanks for tonight. I'll see you Monday yeh?"

Gavin who'd been feeling sorry for himself started to grin.

"Sure. Lunch?"


Five minutes later and two cars were driving away. Jim with Gavin in one car and Russell, Jax and Cori in the other.

While they still had to work out exactly who young Gavin was they'd at least averted a possible disaster for them that evening. With the help of Jim. They owed him. Maybe a barbeque, a few beers... yep. That's what they'd do.

Maybe Jim could tell them more about Gavin in the meantime and find out just what his deal was? He would if he was asked and as much as Russell didn't want to upset anyone he had to smile at the fact that the local cop was his cousin.

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