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"Cori! Time to leave if you want to get there before dark."

"Coming Dad!"

Standing in the door of her childhood bedroom looking back she was filled with a sense of nervous excitement. She contemplated the next step she was taking in her life.

Long hours and extra credit assignments meant she finished university a year earlier than she first planned. Now her hard work had paid off and her car was packed and after her father had checked the oil, water and tyre pressure for the fiftieth time in the last two days she was ready to leave.


She rolled her eyes and headed down the hall towards the front door where her father John and brother Tim were waiting. 

"Have you got everything?" her father asked anxiously.

"Yes Dad. Checked the list three times just to be sure."

"Oh Cori... maybe we should...."

"Dad! Leave the poor girl alone. We're heading up to see her next week so we can take anything she needs." Tim winked at Cori as the pair shared another moment of what they called Dad's Overbearing Protection or DOP for convenience.

Her father pulled her into a hug and with an arm around her waist he walked her out telling her how to fix this and that if she had any problems with them at all.

"Oh and don't forget Russell Brown lives next door. He'll be watching out for you in case you have any problems."

Cori sighed an exasperated sigh as Tim who was two years younger started to laugh.

"Dad I'm all grown up now."

Her father shook his head and pointed a finger at her.

"Don't get sassy with me young lady. You're my little girl and I can do what I like to make sure that you're safe."

"Yeh but Dad... really... talking to the neighbours..."

"Yes Cori. If that's what it takes to keep you safe then yes I will. Russell seems a nice man so I have no doubt you'll be well looked after."

"Fine" she said in a pretend huff before giving her father and Tim both one last hug and getting into her car and driving down the road blowing the horn.

Russell sat at his kitchen table watching the time. He couldn't help but chuckle at the message he'd received from John Hill letting him know that his daughter was on her way.

He'd already spoken to Jax and warned him off as Corianna was his responsibility. Now he clock watched as he knew she should be arriving at any time.

The clock ticked over and over until Russell found himself pacing around the house. Glances at the clocks he past told him she was almost an hour late.

Dammit. Stupid girl!

At thirty seven he was too old to worry about little princesses who couldn't be bothered to let their father know they were running late so he could message him.

Jax walked through the door as he made the fifth walk around the house.

"Hey pops. No lights next door?" A statement that also qualified as a question.

"No" Russell all but growled out. "Daddy's princess hasn't arrived."

Jax moved over to where Russell had stopped near the window and placed his hands on his shoulders and pulled him back into his chest.

"Relax Pops. She'll be here soon."

Jax at twenty nine was built like a brick shît house compared to Russell's toned and buffed body.

When Jax's mother passed away three years earlier both the men were completely broken. She was killed in a freak hit and run accident. It devastated them both till they found they were driven into each other's arms for comfort. Both men loved women but found that staying away from each other wasn't something they could do easily.

The first time they gave in to their urges it took almost two weeks for them to speak to one another again. In the midst of tears they talked about what they were feeling and how much they felt like they were betraying Robyn, Jax's mother and Russell's wife but they couldn't deny the pull they had to one another.

Robyn had been an adventurous woman in bed even at the age of forty seven when she passed away. Russell had been captivated by her from the moment they first met when Jax was in his late teens. She'd fought the attraction because she'd be seen as a cougar but Russell didn't care. He wanted her and chased until he wore down her defenses. They'd had almost ten beautiful years together amd he wouldn't trade anything for the time they spent together but he was damn glad he had Jax now.

Lights flickered into the driveway next door and Russell pulled away from Jax and headed to the door.


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