Ch 9

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Heat. Burning. Sweat. Parched. Weight... Weight?

Her eyes flew open and she saw the ceiling fan above her circling on what must have been its highest setting, that would definitely explain the breeze she was feeling on her skin. With a gulp she turned her head to the left to see what the source of heat was... or who?!


His eyes were closed and his breathing showed that he was sleeping. The small lines around his eyes were softened as he slept, obviously relaxed. Having him so close was like... woah!

Wait! If he was the source of heat on her left did that mean...


Unlike Jax he wasn't sleeping. His eyes were slightly opened and a soft smile showed he knew the shock she was feeling... or maybe that was the wide eyes she had while looking at him? Who knew? One thing for certain though, she wanted to know just what they were doing in her bed!

"Hey sweetheart" his sleepy voice was husky and deep and she heard it right down between her legs!

"How.. why..." she sputtered.

"How are you feeling?" he moved his arm slightly as he raised himself up.

The weight across her stomach shifted and looking down she realised that the weight was both his and Jax's arms lying across her.

She gasped and her gaze flew to his to be met with a deep, sleepy chuckle.

"Do you remember what happened?"

"No!" she squeaked.

Russell shook his head and raised her arm slowly and pointed to it.

"You got sunburnt. We found you hours after I left you. You fell asleep in the sun. That was stupid Corianna. You could have died from that exposure."

She winced at the sting of pain she felt as she tried to move her legs.

"Easy sweetheart."

Russell moved himself up on the bed and helped her as she tried to sit up and failed. Tears slid down her face as aches all over her body hit her all at once.

"I'm an idiot" she sighed out as she rested back on Russells arm as he supported her.

"In this case Corianna, yes you are. You were so bad after we put you to bed, your skin was so hot it was like you were on fire. We were so fücking scared we almost had the doc make a house call. Nothing we did seemed to help. You were out of it completely. If you notice you're almost naked and I won't apologise for that and neither will Jax. We sponged you down for hours, we've been dribbling water into your mouth because you were so damn dehydrated. What would have happened if we hadn't come home when we did?"

"I... I don't know" the whole thought was too unbearable to consider.

"You could have died. You've been out for sixteen hours and Jax only went to sleep because I promised I wouldn't... and I won't until he's slept and can look after you."


"No buts Corianna. You don't get to have a say about this. You acted stupidly and we helped you. If you weren't feeling so bad already I'd throw you across my lap and spank you!"

"What?" she asked him in complete shock.

"Oh believe me sweetheart. If you ever do something this stupid ever again I'll quite happily spank you to teach you a lesson."

"I won't!" she said immediately "No spanking required!"

Russell almost chuckled but forced himself to keep the stern look on his face. She wasn't to know that one day he would thoroughly enjoy spanking her perfect round arsë while he took her from behind. In the throws of sëx a spank here and there was quite pleasurable for those involved.

The whole situation changed.

"Are you a virgin?" He was already sure he knew the answer but he wanted to hear her say it.


"Are you?"

She immediately lunged forward and cried out as the pain hit her hard as Jax's arm fell from her stomach and onto her burnt thighs.

"Silly girl" Russell sighed as he gently moved Jax's arm "but now that you're sitting you can drink a proper drink"

He reached to the bedside table and grabbed the bottle of water sitting on it.

"Just take it slow to start with. Although we've kept your throat wet it may still hurt."

She did as he told her until the water was all gone.

"I need the bathroom."

Russell stood up from the bed and that was when she realisedhe was only wearing a pair of boxers and they were presenting a very definite tent in the front.

She gasped as she looked away quickly and if her face wasn't already pink then she knew it would be glowing.

Russell laughed softly at her reaction.

"What do you expect? You're a beautiful woman Cori and you're also half naked. My body reacts to beauty... to you."

Cori pulled the sheet up quickly.

"Too late now sweetheart. I've seen almost every part of you."

"Oh... oh God!"

Russell laughed again as he reached to the end of the bed and grabbed the shirt that he'd removed from her earlier and kneeling back on the bed he helped her put it back on.

"Let's get you to the bathroom."

She nodded. What else could she do? She accepted his help as she got up from the bed and found her legs didn't want to work properly and her head became dizzy.

"Easy. Just take a minute to get your bearings. I'll carry you if you need it though."

She shook her head quickly.

"No, I'll be ok."

He nodded as he stood beside her with an arm around her waist and when she was ready he walked her slowly to the bathroom. For the sake of her dignity he told her he'd wait outside until she was finished.

Cori sat on the toilet with her panties down around her ankles and almost groaned at the thought of his boxers and what they were hiding because if the tent was anything to go by then Russell was huge!

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