Chapter 27

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The steaming hot water swept down with precision as Jax stood with his hand resting on the tiles in front of him. His eyes were closed as his head bowed low to avoid the stinging of his eyes.

He chuckled to himself as he remembered Russell's face when his phone rang while they were on their way to the bathroom. He looked, well he looked like a little boy who was told no in a candy store. His face fell to the floor when he heard who was on the other end... Mrs Harman... a lovely old lady... a lovely old lonely lady. It was Russell's own fault that she called when she did. Her calls were famous for taking forever and when she called the garage no work was getting done. It was her loneliness that had her making the calls for the most minimal of reasons... but like many other businesses in the town they accepted Mrs Harman's calls for what they were. A chance to talk. Many had tried to explain the benefits of living in the local retirement village but she refused to go. She'd lived in her house ever since Dear Harold and she were married when they were eighteen and living there made her feel close to him. She'd taken a liking to Russell because he reminded her of Harold and because like her, he'd lost his life partner when his wife died.

He felt rough hands slide up and across his back and pushed into them.

"I wasn't expecting you."

"I promised to go and have tea with her tomorrow." Russell leant in and kissed Jax's shoulder.

"Hahaha I swear she has us all wrapped around her little finger." Jax pushed back as Russell's hands grabbed his hips and pulled him closer.

"It's sad to be that lonely... but... I want to think of another kind of wrapping."

"And what's that?" Jax inhaled sharply as Russell's right hand reached around him and took his semi hard length into the palm of his hand. His fingers curled around him and as they wrapped him with firmness and rough warmth Russell's hand started to move up... down repeatedly.

"Russ" his voice was hoarse and lower than usual "let me..."

"No" Russell growled as his mouth spread wide and he started sucking harshly on Jax's lower shoulder. The action would definitely leave behind a red and purple mark with the purpose of almost a branding... a branding that only Cori would get to see.

Jax groaned at the painful sensation coupled with the pleasure of his manhood. His body shuddered as he pushed back into Russell.

"Russ... please..."

Russell let go and took a half step back and fell to his knees. Jax turned sharply with eyes blazing with heated passion.

"Suck it."

He pulled Russell's head towards him and moaned as he felt the powerful stroke of a tongue wrapping around the tip of his lengthy hardness before lips engulfed him completely. Hands grabbed the head of the man on his knees with firm, almost hard, pressure.

His body jerked to feel the back of Russell's throat and his eyes closed and he lost himself in the moment. Muscles spasmed throughout his body as small tastes of him were rapidly sucked away by the mouth that knew how to please him so well.

"Cori..." his hoarse whisper was met with a hum that reverberated through him and he found himself thrusting forward with determined need for release.

Russell hummed. His mouth full of his lovers stiffness. He could taste small offerings of what was to come with every pass along the hard length. His hand engulfed the large bulging softness at the base of the length, his fingers felt the textured skin and prompted his thumb to swirl around and over while gently squeezing the softness in his palm.

"God damn Russell.. damn that feels" Jax broke off as he felt the fingers from Russell's other hand trace the line between his cheeks. He trembled as puckered skin was traced with gentle ease.

"No!" He pushed Russell back with force that pulled his length fell from the wet casing between Russell's lips.

Russell looked up with dark, almost foreboding eyes as his eyebrows lifted in question.

"No" Jax sounded hoarse "I want to be in you when I.."

Russell stood quickly and pulled Jax's head to his and kissed him harshly. His tongue meeting the younger mans with a desperate want for more before he forced himself to pull away.


"On the end of the bed."

Russell let go of Jax completely and moved quickly from the shower to grab a towel to dry himself as he left the bathroom with his own hard length left swinging back and forth.

Jax reached and turned off the water. Like Russell, he grabbed a towel and while drying his body he walked through the door to the bedroom. He moaned while stroking himself with a purposeful grip. Russell's body was an amazing sight to see.

Russell dropped his hands to the bed and waited. He could hear Jax throw the towel on the floor mere seconds before he felt hands enclosing his hips.

His length dropped beads of moisture onto the bed below as he anticipated what was about to happen. He felt his body's resistance as Jax started to push inside.


Jax growled "No."

Russell tensed slightly before releasing a held in breath as Jax pushed through and filled him entirely.

Jax held firm to Russells' hips and started to move. Skin touched skin over and over again as fingers clenched tightly to the man beneath him whose own hands now fisted the cover of the bed as he pushed back trying to keep as much of Jax with him for as long as possible.

Thrust after thrust, beads of sweat that fell, sounds of slapping skin as the pair worked in unison for the ultimate release. Russell called out as Jax hit his ultimate point of pleasure with every stroke.

"Russ!" Jax moaned "I'm gonna..."

Russell groaned his approval as his own volcano neared the point of eruption.

Swearing, moans, groans and panting filled the room with the overflow of their release. One who filled the other who in turn created his own pool of pure delight on the bed beneath him. Each declaring their love for the other man.

Jax slumped down over back he had just enjoyed watched muscles ripple through. His breath gasps as his body slowly separated from Russell's once more.

"Damn Jax. We need her."

"You're not wrong. That was more intense than ever."

Jax moved off Russell who fell to his side watching Jax's tired body sit on the end of the bed near him.

"You were thinking about her."

Jax grinned "Hell yes. I can't wait to have her in our bed permanently."

"Me either" Russell paused "I think... I think you should be the one to take her virginity."

Jax looked at him in surprise. "Really?"

Russell nodded "Yeh."

"I think we should let Cori decide. It'll be her first time so she needs to make that choice herself."

Russell nodded in agreement "It should be every girls choice. But whatever she decides we need to make it special for her. A memory to cherish."

Jax's eyes misted over briefly.

"You're talking about Mum aren't you?"

Russell nodded with solemness. "Her choice was taken from her and I know if Cori decides she really wants to walk away then I'll let her. Now!" he stood quickly "Talking about our girl. We have a dinner to go to... and I think we both need to shower."

Jax stood to follow Russell "Just keep your hands to yourself this time."

Russell turned with his mouth dropped open. Slowly it closed and his face took on a cheeky expression.

"Not bloody likely."


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