Ch 34

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Russell shook his head with wry grin at Jax's warped attempt at a joke while Cori giggled nervously.

Jax's eyes softened as he heard the hesitant giggle. He turned fully towards Cori and took her face in his hands.

"God you're beautiful."

He lowered his head until his mouth rested a fleeting touch on hers... just enough to tease with a promise of what was to come.

Russell stepped up behind her and rested his hands on her hips, squeezing softly as he placed tender kisses across her bare shoulder. His hands moved inwards to the zip and button holding her skirt in place. He felt Cori lean back into him as the skirt tumbled to the floor.

Jax slid his tongue across her bottom lip and her mouth opened to welcome him in. His hands held her face with a more firm determination as his tongue entered her mouth and sought hers.

"Holy fûck" Russell whispered while leaning back to look at the whispy lace his hands had encountered. He gulped down the lump in his throat as his eyes trailed the hemline across the two perfectly round globes of her backside.

"Fûcking gorgeous."

Cori whimpered into Jax's kiss and her hands delved into his hair to hold him in place. The feeling of Russell's hands across her lace covered skin set her on fire. Each pass lowering until he dipped a finger between the apex of her legs.

Her body reacted normally, in one moment she wanted to open her legs wide and the next... the next she wanted to close her legs against the sweet torture.

Jax reached around and pulled the hanging material that held her halter top in place. He pulled back and looked at her with half hooded, dreamy eyes.

"I've been dying to do that ever since I walked into the loumgeroom and you were talking to Russ."

She grinned, then gasped as Russell's fingers dipped beneath the lace and moved slowly forward towards her moist heat. Her legs shook as his taunting teases pressed more firmly, more determined. Her eyes closed and her head dropped back with a moan as his fingers moved back and forth.

Jax's mouth dropped to her neck taking advantage of the way in which her head had dropped backwards. His hands moved around to release the tie in the middle of her back and she felt the silken feel of the material falling to the floor.

Russell's fingers stopped moving and Cori whimpered at the sudden loss as he moved them away. Tucking them into the top band of her panties he moved his body downwards, trailing soft kisses as with slow and deliberate movements he pushed the lace downwards.

On his knees Russell lifted one foot and then the other until Cori finally stood between the men completely disrobed. His mouth followed the lines that his hands had taken such a short time ago. His tongue traced the firm, soft cushioning of the parted globes and he grinned as Cori's body suddenly pushed forward at his touch. Every movement brought more gasps and with a brief look towards Jax his eyes darkened with lust as he saw his lover with Cori's hard nîpple in his mouth. He could see the slight indentations of Jax's cheeks as he suckled the perfect flesh.

He stood suddenly and started to tear at his clothes.

"Jax. Get undressed."

Reluctantly Jax pulled his head away from Cori who stood panting with eyes half open. He stared at the beauty before him.

"Fûck you're so beautiful."

Cori smiled softly, unable to speak she simply mouthed the word 'thankyou'.

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