Ch 8

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Cori woke up with a start as a figure hovered over her.

"Jax?" she spoke with a voice hoarse from lack of water.

"Shit Cori. You're a mess babe."

"Whaaa?" She struggled as she tried to get up and fell back again gasping with the searing pain and heat that ran across her body.

Jax looked down at her sympathetically as he moved into place to pick her up as gently as possible.

"Come on. You need cool water and something to drink."


"Yeh babe?"

"I'm an idiot."

"Can't argue with that babe."

"What time is it?"

"2 o'clock."

She moaned in pain as he walked through the doorway leading into the kitchen and had to hold her closer. In any other situation she'd be embarrassed to have him hold her this way but right at that moment she didn't give a shít.

He carried her through the house to the bathroom where water was running and there was a distinct smell of vinegar on the air.

"Hey" Russell stood up from where he knelt at the side of the tub to reach behind Cori's head and pull the tie loose from around her neck.

"Russell..." her protests were weak and feeble and each time she tried to protest he hushed her.

"Sweetheart, you're hurting, you're in pain and if you don't get in this bath soon then you'll be needing to go to the hospital. Make your choice."

"Bath" she croaked.

Jax lowered her feet gently to the cool tiled floor and supported her as Russell went down on one knee and with tenderness and care he started to slowly remove the purple boy shorts she was wearing.

Both men were acutely aware that her semi naked body was in plain view but tried with great difficulty not to let it affect them. She was simply in too much pain for there to be anything sexuäl about this moment.

It didn't stop either of them berating themselves for looking over her body with desire filled eyes.

Cori had no strength to argue with anything they were doing with her but felt a deep sense of gratitude when Russell left on the panties she'd worn under her shorts.

Hissing as she reluctantly allowed herself to be lowered into the tepid water of the bath before settling down in the acceptance of the relief it gave her heated body.

She lay back through sheer exhaustion and found her back being supported by a thick muscled arm as she closed her eyes.

"Here sweetheart. Have this juice and I'll go and get you some water."

She forced herself to lean her head forward and take the straw in her mouth and found she was in desperate need of the liquid that slid down her throat. Mere seconds later the juice was gone as she drank with a thirst she didn't know she had but  leaving her still wanting more to subdue the parchness she felt.

Russell excused himself to go get her water as Jax picked up the small sponge on the side of the tub and dipped it into the water before softy touching the bright red skin of her face.

She flinched as the sponge came in contact with her skin. God she was an idiot for falling asleep. What would have happened if Russell and Jax weren't home? Would she still be out there in the sun?

Her eyes stayed closed as the cool water dribbled from her face and over her chin. Once the initial pain started to subside the feeling was bliss.

Jax looked down on her beautiful face with stern concentration while he fought the urge to peruse the length of her body.

Don't look... Don't look... Don't... Fück!

His body reacted almost violently at the twin mounds that broke through the surface of the water with every movement he made to help her.

Fücking perfect!

"Jax?" she whispered

"Yeh babe?" he dragged his gaze back to her face and was relieved to see her eyes were still closed.

"I smell like a salad."

Jax laughed out a booming laugh that had her cringing and putting a stiff red hand to her forehead.

"Oh shit. Sorry babe. I'll grab you some painkillers when Russell gets back..."

"No need" Russell walked through the door "already got them."

The next half hour was spent with water being slowly poured over her until the burning sting wasn't as forceful as it was. Jax lifted her from the tub and again supported her as Russell tenderly dabbed a towel around her body followed by sprays from a bottle of aloe vera gel.

Jax picked her up again and carried her to her bedroom while Russell rummaged through her clothes and came up with a mens button up shirt. A cocked eyebrow had him sending a quick look at Cori who had her face resting in Jax's neck. He had to sigh and push aside all the jealousy building up in him... No matter who the shirt belonged to it only made sense to use it for her now... questions would come later.

He opened the top drawer of the dresser and swallowed the lump in his throat as his gaze fell on a rainbow of lace that had been hidden from view. He quickly picked up the first pair of panties he saw and closed the drawer of temptation before he took a closer look.

Putting the shirt on Cori had been easy. Resisting the urge to look as he lowered the damp panties she was wearing and drying her before raising the dry pair gently over the red skin of her legs and up and over her hips did things to his anatomy he hoped she wouldn't see.

Looking at Jax to see the dark lust in his eyes he knew that he was just as affected as he was himself.

They made sure that Cori had more to drink before she settled back on her bed. Her conscious mind slowly drifting off to darkness as she felt the bed dip either side of her.

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