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Up in the Stars by sapphox
Up in the Starsby sapphox
Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men...
Queen of Witches by DeAngelisaDavis
Queen of Witchesby DeAngelisaDavis
THIS IS A MENAGE STORY, MEANING- MxFxM. TWO GUYS AND ONE GIRL. NUMBER 1 in #Kings NUMBER 8 in #beloved NUMBER 12 in #vampire NUMBER 15 in #bisexual NUMBER 50 in #witches...
Dragon Lords - Book #3 by BeastlyKingdom
Dragon Lords - Book #3by Beastly Kingdom
When a female is corned by four honry Dragon males, things can get a little frisky.
Valentine's Day Menage (Completed) (Short Story)✅ by VICMAD
Valentine's Day Menage (Completed) VICMAD
Dominique LaSalle wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day with the two men in her life that she loved the most in the world. Unfortunately they were both gone on business le...
His Territory (Old Version) by splendidlyhorrid
His Territory (Old Version)by Em ❣️
"I own you, Cassia. Your body, your heart, your soul- they belong to me. Don't ever try to deny me something that's mine because I can promise you that the outcome...
Soulmate No. 7 ( Avengers fanfic ) by AThousandFeathers
Soulmate No. 7 ( Avengers fanfic )by AThousandFeathers
In a world where soulmarks exists, some gets one, some doesn't. Em leaves her safe base in Denmark and goes to New York, everything goes as planned. But what she didn't...
Requiem City [DELUXE COLLECTOR'S C. Swallow
Best R-Rated Stories On Wattpad by Brooke_Dream
Best R-Rated Stories On Wattpadby Brooke_Dream
This is a list of my all time favorite r-rated stories on wattpad, or stories that are just mostly mature. These books are a mixture of vampire, human, and werewolf stor...
Falling For Two | Fred + George Weasley  by kenoli-
Falling For Two | Fred + George 𝒦𝑒𝓃𝓏𝒾𝑒✨
(Magically) Late bloomer, Elora Malfoy, has just been enrolled in Hogwarts. Much...much later than she should've been. Her twin brother, Draco, was already in his fourth...
Human ?? by user43759793
Human ??by
Winter Willows was just getting out the house for a bit after a fight with her Mums boyfriend and then her Mum. She goes to where she feels grounded and as she draws it...
Showing Leah by Immature_Khite
Showing Leahby Immature_Khite
Leah has always been insecure not believing she was as pretty or skinny as the other girls.Being a junior in high school with a super model looking of a sister it starts...
Arrow or Lantern?  by Level5FreezerBurn
Arrow or Lantern? by Raiju Clarkson
SEEING DOUBLE GREEN!!! Barry has been torn between two guys for the longest time. Both wear green both. Both fight crime. Both of them look after his adopted son when no...
pretty when you cry by iinnocently
pretty when you cryby honey
(Previously known as "Insanity". Currently being completely rewritten.) Xavia Scythe was never in one place for too long. As a loner, a drifter, she stuck to h...
Desiderium by theredpanda786
Desideriumby the redpanda78
Evanora is a tortured soul blessed with immortality. After the tragic delivery of her child she was met with the fate of death. A mysterious man pretending as a doctor t...
violetxdragons - Coming Soon by violetxdragons
violetxdragons - Coming Soonby Violet Dragons
These are the list of stories I will be writing here. There is no specific times I will be posting these. Just giving something to look forward to.
Apollo, Midnighter, and their Morningstar by Level5FreezerBurn
Apollo, Midnighter, and their Raiju Clarkson
Antonio Quilson, adopted son of Oliver and Slade, wants to tell his fathers of a poly relationship with Lucas and Andrew. But it's hard when you haven't told anyone you...
A Resembling Love (On Hold) by Damonfan101
A Resembling Love (On Hold)by Madason
Twin brothers Damon and Micheal don't like to share. Not one bit. But when Micheal has to work on the night of his first date with the girl of his dreams Kendra, he is d...
Bonds of Change (Star Trek 2009/RPF Xover) by NatashaDuncanDrake
Bonds of Change (Star Trek 2009/ Tasha (Natasha Duncan-Drake)
Trek XI/Adam Lambert/Kris Allen xover - When Kirk is kidnapped by xenophobic separatists from the planet Sonara, his whole world is thrown into chaos. By messing with hi...
The Protectors by BaBa_Holly
The Protectorsby BaBa_Holly
There are 5 sectors existing. The North, East, South, West and the homeland of the Succubus, What happens when mates from all 5 sectors find each other. Will it be explo...
Avery🕊 by velvetbby
Avery🕊by velvetbby
2 sets of eyes 1 set of wings nothing in between ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• UNDER CONSTRUCTION