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Up in the Stars by sapphox
Up in the Starsby sapphox
Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men...
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Rejecting The Omega by Matkins26
Rejecting The Omegaby Marissa Atkins
Clare Jackson made one mistake when she was 14 which affects her entire life. Her brothers disowned her and turned everyone else against Clare also. She was abused and...
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Babygirl by crystalandunknown
Babygirlby J & L
*New version* What would you do if you are in a dilemma of picking someone over another? Any choices you choose will end up hurting another person. How would you solve t...
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OBLIVION | AVENGERS by harryssweetiepi
Poly fic | Soulmates
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My College Girlfriend(s) GxG GxGxG by cutiealex132
My College Girlfriend(s) GxG GxGxGby cutiealex132
Alexis comes into college with no one. Not even her roommate talks to her. Moving 5000 miles away she's alone that's until she meets a girl who befriends her immediately...
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Moon Hallow Mates by KScurlock
Moon Hallow Matesby KScurlock
"We decided neither of us could live without you, Princess" Xander murmured licking his way down my body. Jace hummed in agreement," So we deci...
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Satellite Heart [Contemp. MMF Romance] by oh-kei
Satellite Heart [Contemp. MMF Kei Vastripest
It's been four years since Em's two best friends, Kaz and Tai, left for college. Four years since she heard from them, four years since she realised she'd fallen in love...
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Falling For My Homophobic Brothers ♥Complete♥ by NevaehHM
Falling For My Homophobic Jai Salvatore
Kellin is gay and has a major problem; he's in love with his two brothers. That isn't his only problem though. That would make his life way to easy, and we all know that...
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erotica / literotica by oliviaroseth
erotica / literoticaby snow white
These stories are not mine. Got it from Enjoy and Rate ✨
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A Hybrids Tale  by bedfasttoast13
A Hybrids Tale by bedfasttoast13
Hybrids are an unheard of species mostly because DNA of different species cannot mix without trying to destroy each other, so how do I live and breathe you ask? Well for...
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Innocence in the Darkness by fortheloveofotps16
Innocence in the Darknessby :)
An innocent pretty brunette finds her way to the Boarding House, but she is no stranger. She knows not just of the Salvatores, but the whole supernatural world. But life...
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All She Knew by Mistress_Alwaysyours
All She Knewby Mistress_K
The Stones were an enigmatic group of siblings that drew attention to them everywhere they went. They were beautiful in an ethereal way, in that they never walked, they...
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My Troubled Two (Paused) by DaringDarling1975
My Troubled Two (Paused)by Devil's Milkshake
♡Highest Ranking ~ #103 in Trouble♡ _____________________________ Amelia Washington has always been the good girl, straight A's and always at the top of her...
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Boys are Mean by UltraMist35
Boys are Meanby UltraMist35
So my life was perfect once, till they showed up. The Clark brothers, the devils who love to bully me at every turn who also lived next door to me again. So just to make...
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Home Study - Rated R by MariMitchellBaker
Home Study - Rated Rby MariMitchellBaker
Life is about to make a sudden turn for Cori. A twenty two year old woman with no experience is about to be claimed by not one but two very possessive men. Russell Brow...
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Best R-Rated Stories On Wattpad by Brooke_Dream
Best R-Rated Stories On Wattpadby Brooke_Dream
This is a list of my all time favorite r-rated stories on wattpad, or stories that are just mostly mature. These books are a mixture of vampire, human, and werewolf stor...
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Alexander Brothers Private by chemicalromance8
Alexander Brothers Privateby Chemical
[MATURE CONTENT] Detailed scenes for Alexander Brothers.
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Their Songstress, Menage à Trois by AuthorFarfalla
Their Songstress, Menage à Troisby ☽ fa r f a l l a ☼
A Ménage à Trois (M/F/M) Story The young songstress was stuck in a world of her own; a world of fear. With a past that haunts her like the plague, she's left to fight he...
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Their Trophy by Book_Thief17
Their Trophyby Book_Thief17
"Hello?" "I'm gonna kill them... and then I'm gonna kill you." And then the line went dead.
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Alpha's Rule by CSW1995
Alpha's Ruleby C. Swallow
Maia Royale's haven is Half-Moon Academy even though she is from an unwelcome pack seeking refuge in enemy territory. She is accepted to study in Moon Territory and love...
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