Ch 6

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To say that Cori was pïssed off would be the understatement of the century. She sat in the back of Russells car looking out the window at the homes that were lit up only by the spreading glow of the street lights.

Her reflection bounced back at her for just fleeting moments that were enough for her to see the imprinted scowl on her face.

The ride was made in silence with only the occassional break when a sigh from the front filled the air. She didn't want to speak to either of the men sitting in the front. Why did they offer to give her a ride home when they knew she was at the pub with other people? Wasn't it up to her who she spent time with?

"You have to talk to us eventually." Russell broke the silence as he pulled the car into the drive.

Grasping the door handle she shoved the door open and got out as Jax and Russell did the same.

As she started to walk towards her her home she stopped, turned around and looked at Russell.

"Thank you for the ride home."

She turned and started walking again.

"You're acting like a child sweetheart."

She stopped and clenched her hands before walking again.

"Who is Gavin?"

She twirled around and saw that both men had moved to follow her. She took a step back as they kept walking towards her.

"None of your business!"

"Oh babe I think that's where you're wrong. It's very much our business."

"Thats right Jax. Her father asked us to keep an eye on her."

They stoppes walking when they were a few feet away. Russell put his hands on his hips while Jax shoved his into his back pockets.

"I'm not a damn child" she hissed.

"Then stop behaving like one."

Cori's mouth dropped open.

"How the hell am I acting like a child?"

"Actually you remind me of a little kitten having a hissy fit." Jax spoke with a grin.

"A cute little kitten Jax" Russell corrected him.

Are these guys for real?

In that instant she knew she'd never win this argument with them. They were completely out of line but thanks to her father they felt justified in what they were doing.

"Good night gentlemen."

She turned again and walked away. She took the key from her pocket and put it the front door as two hands landed on the door above her head and a warm body pushed into hers.

"You didn't answer the question sweetheart."

After a brief second of shock she pushed backwards into Russell and he stepped back from her letting his hands fall from the door. Ehe spn around and shoved her hands against his chest surprising him as his body followed the momentum and he stepped back further.

"What the hell Russell? What the hell was that?" She was livid at how she'd been treated.

"Answer the question!" he snarled back at her.

"What question?" She asked in shock at how Russell was behaving.

"Who is Gavin?"

"Is that what this is about?" she asked him in a surprised tone.

"Cori, just answer him. He won't let it go until you do." Jax had been on the receiving end of Russells jealousy in the past and knew if this didn't come to an end then Russell would lose it and Cori would end up being punished.

"He's a friend."

"A friend sweetheart?"

She rolled her eyes "Yes Russell. A friend."

"You let all your friends touch you the way that he was touching you?"

"What the hell's wrong with you Russell? This is inappropriate and..."

"Innapropriate? Innapropriate? Let me show you innapropriate!"

Two purposeful steps later and Russell was pushed up against her with his hands rubbing around her hips as he drew her closer into his body and ground her lower body into his.

She started to squirm hitting him as shr pushed at him and struggled for his arms to open and leave her alone.

"This! This is inappropriate Cori. This is what you were letting your friend do!"

"Let me go Russell!"

"No. Isn't this what your friends do? We're your friends, maybe Jax should join in too!"

"Let me go Russell or I swear you'll be feeling so much pain your dïck will be pïssing out your arsë!"

He lowered his head until his mouth was level with her ear.

"Try me."

Less than a minute later Jax was laughing as Russell was sprawled over the verandah in front of him.

"Stupid thing to say pops. You forgot the whole karate thing didn't you?"

Russell groaned a sound that seemed like he was agreeing as he moved slowly and edged his way to stand.

"Where is she?"

"After you hit the deck she went inside and locked the door. You know you have to apologise right?"

Russell nodded and winced at the pain shooting up the back of his neck.

"At least we know she wasn't kidding when she said she could take care of herself."

"Shut up Jax."

Jax laughed at him again before holding his arm to help him down the steps.

"Come on old man. Time to go home."

Cori stood on the other side of the door leaning back into it. She was... shocked. If he wasn't going all ape man then having Russell grind her into his body would have been damn hot.

Oh who the hell was she trying to kid here? Feeling him and his... "problem" was a mega turn on.

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