Ch 11

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Not edited. Throws chapter at you all to give you something to read while I add chapters of another story.

Cori lay back on the pillow completey dumbfounded. She kissed Jax. Jax kissed her. She kissed Russell. Russell kissed her.

He thinks it's perfect?

She pushed her achy limbs into action to sit up putting up a hand to stop Jax from touching her as he went to help.

Finally she sat and looked from one to the other with wide opened eyes.

"Explain" she all but growled at them. Her self preservation mechanisms started to kick in and she was ready for a fight.

Russell moved to a different position so he was sitting directly in front of her.

"What do you want to know?"

"Really Russell? You're actually asking me that?"

"I want you" he shrugged.

"I want you too" Jax added.

Her hands moved to rub her temples automatically as she stared down at the covers on the bed.

What the hell?

"The fact is Cori, we both want you... together."

Her head snapped up and she looked at Jax with her mouth wide open and she found herself shaking her head as her mouth couldn't form the words that were running through her head.

"It's a lot to take in" Russell said quietly "but I'll try and explain. Jax and I love one another but we both miss women. Yes Jax has slept with a few and while I didn't like it I understood that need."

"But you said you didn't share..." Cori spluttered out.

"I won't share Jax with another man... ever... but a woman... well, I could handle that even though I preferred he didn't. So we talked and decided that we needed to find a woman we both wanted. Someone who was attracted to both of us and would accept to be in a relationship with is both" he drew in a breath before he continued "we want that woman to be you."

"WHAT?" She screamed out "holy shít. I really did get hit by the sun! This isn't happening!"

She pinched her arm "ouch!"

"Please babe... we know you're interested in both of us... and the fact that you kissed us both the way you did proves it."

She shook her head.

"No... Nope... Nu huh... this stuff doesn't happen in real life. This is right out of the twilight zone. You" she pointed to Jax "him" she pointed to Russell "and you want... both want me?" she pointed to herself.

"Yes. We both want you. Are you a vírgin?"

"That's... Oh My God... that's none of your business Russell!"

He chuckled lightly "Judging by that reaction you are."

"Holy shít! Shít! Fück! Cráp! Holy fúcking cow!"

Not caring about the pains she felt she moved quickly to the side of the bed that Russell had vacated and put her feet on the floor.

"Be careful! You aren't well" Russell moved quickly to support her by her waist as she stood quickly and became dizzy and started to sway.

"Shít" she whispered putting a hand to her forehead.

Jax had come around the bed and was standing in front of her.

"Where do you want to go babe?"

"Away from here... from the both of you."

He shook his head.

"Sorry babe. Not going to happen. Even if you choose not to be with us we're not leaving you alone while you're sick."

"My God! You... me... I was naked... OH MY GOD!" she screeched while Jax and Russell both grimaced at the effect on their ears.

Russell scowled at her before speaking through gritted teeth.

"You weren't well. We didn't do anything to you other than make you better. You can relax your little vírgin ideas. We didn't take advantage of you. You didn't give a shit about yourself Corianna. You could have died out there in the sun. We saved your damn life and all your worried about is us seeing you naked? Grow the fück up!"

"Russell" Jax started.

"No Jax. She needs to understand the consequences of what she did."

"But it's not that!" Cori spluttered out as she fell back onto the bed after her legs gave out.

"Shít! Cori... are you ok babe?" Jac was at her feet looking up into her eyes.

"Please... I just want to be left alone."

"We can't do that babe."

"Please.." she whispered as tears started to fall.

"Fück I'm an idiot!" Russell climbed up onto the bed behind her and pulled her further onto the bed and into his arms. "Fück I'm sorry sweetheart. You don't need to deal with this shít now. We'll talk about it when you're better."

She shook her head against his chest.

"It's wrong" she sobbed out.

"It's only wrong to biggotted idiots but we aren't talking about that now. You need sleep, we need sleep. We'll talk when we wake up."

"What day is it?"


She groaned.

"I was going to go in and set up for tomorrow."

"See how you feel later sweetheart. If you're ok then either Jax or I'll take you."

She simply nodded as her eyes closed. She had no energy at all but she didn't expect sleep to come any time soon as Russell moved her so she was half lying on the bed and half over his chest.

Jax came around to the other side of the bed again and climbed in with them. Cori's eyes opened as his arm reached over her and onto Russells chest so he was holding the both of them. Russells spare hand moved to hold Jax's and whether it was the fact that she felt so terrible or something else she didn't have any damn clue but being held by these two men felt in many ways like she belonged. Like... she was home.

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