Ch 7

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Jax was standing at the sink grabbing a glass of water when a flash of purple colour grabbed his attention as it moved in the yard next door.

His face paled as blood ran south and he couldn't help but wonder if the blood running North, East and West had somehow ended up in the same place as South.

Their girl was flicking out a towel on the ground before lying down on it, and resting her arm across her face.

Is it possible to actually pant just looking at a woman? Fück yes... especially when she has a body like that.

Cori hadn't slept well the night before. She'd planned to go in to work this morning to begin setting things up ready for class on Monday but the sheer lack of sleep prevented her from doing anything... she go in tomorrow.

So now dressed in her boy shorts swimmers with the small bikini top that matched she stretched out and enjoyed the morning sun letting her eyes drift closed. The sounds of the day filled her mind as for what must have been the hundreth time she remembered just how good she felt as Russell was grinding her on him.

The instant heat that surged between her thighs made her squirm. Damn these vírgín fantasies!

Her thoughts were ablaze with all sorts of images that were conjured up as she thought of Russell saying that maybe Jax should join them. The thought of being kissed from the front as lips touched her skin from behind had her wishing that she wasn't out in the open and could let her fingers take care of the ache she felt.

She hadn't actually planned to get to this age and still be a vírgín.It just happened that way. She just hadn't found anyone she wanted to go the whole way with before she met Russell and Jax.

Now she had two men whom she knew would melt her in moments and wanted nothing more than to spread her legs open wide for them if given half a chance.

But! After the way Russell behaved with her last night did she really want to trust him that far? Even Jax seemed quite happy to let Russell do what he did while he stood by watching.

Ok... now she was confused. Are they gay? Bisexual? And why the hell did her fantasies play in her mind showing them kissing one another while they were with her?

She needed a hobby. Yep. That's what ahe needed. A hobby that kept her mind occupied twenty four hours a day for the rest of her life.

Would that be long enough to put a stop to the fantasies? Oh God... the ache...


She sat up quickly and turned.

"Russell." She nodded briefly at him before lying back down again.

"I came to say I'm sorry about last night."

She sighed and sat up again. Reaching for her sunscreen before answering him.

"How's your back?"

He started to chuckle.

"You pack a wallop for a little thing."

She shrugged as she squirted the sunscreen onto her legs and started to rub it in.

"I lived in the city and sometimes my classes finished late. Using public transport I had to be able to look after myself."

She noticed his shadow getting closer just before he sat down beside her with his legs bent and his arms resting on his knees.

"Did you ever have to? Defend yourself I mean?"

"Nah. I stuck close to security." She replied as she moved to coat her her arms in the white cream.

She looked at him and saw him nodding as if he approved her choice of actions... but what ones?

He moved suddenly and took the bottle from her.

"Here, I'll do your back for you."

"Oh no that's..."

"No problem" he replied as he moved behind her. "Just consider it an apology for the way I behaved."

"An apology?" she asked as she screwed her nose up.

"Yeh. Making sure this beautiful skin doesn't get burnt."

The first contact of the cool cream had her gasping and then she was fighting to keep in the moans as his hands deftly made their way across her back.

Suddenly she grabbed the material covering her chest as it dropped forward with the release of the bow she'd made with the ties at the back.

"No tan lines" was all Russell could say as he watched his hands glide over the perfect skin beneath them.

"Mr Brown! I..."

"Relax" she jumped as she heard the word whispered into her ear "Say my name"

She bit down on her lip trying to supress the moan that wanted to escape as his hand moved down along her sides.

"Say my name"

"Mmmmmm" she moaned out as her head fell back onto his shoulder.

"Say my name sweetheart" he started to nibble on her earlobe before pressing gentle kisses along the side of her neck and teasing their way across her shoulder.

She gasped. The heat pooled within her and his mouth left her gasping for air.

"Say my name sweetheart" he moved up again to suck her earlobe into his mouth flicking it with his tongue.

"Russell" She didn't recognise her own voice.

"Good girl" he dropped his head to her shoulder and gently sucked to leave a pink mark behind as he moved away.

He forced himself to stay calm as he retied the bow he'd undone.

"What?" Cori turned to see him standing.

"Enjoy your sunbaking sweetheart. Don't stay out too long."

He winked at her and almost laughed as he mouth dropped open before he turned and walked away.

Cori watched him leave. Shock. For two reasons. One for the fact that he'd done what he did and the other was for how calmly he walked away.

What the hell?

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