Chapter 32

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His mind wouldn't let him settle. So many things ran through it that just a simple task of changing a spark plug was damn near impossible.


"Yeah Russ?"

"Cori had lunch with Gavin today right?"

"Yeah she did" Jax replied with a frown "What of it?"

"She had lunch with him and then tells us she want to have sex? Something happened at that lunch."

Jax grabbed the oily rag and wiped his hands.

"Like what?"

"I don't know but I'm worried that she said what she did on a whim and not because she's really ready."

Jax's mouth dropped open as Russell's words crossed the space of the garage. 

"Well shit Russ" he tossed the rag on the bench "way to have me questioning everything!"

Russell moved around the car to where he could see Jax.

"I'm sorry babe but something just seems off about it all."

"So what... you think she wants some kind of rebound sex?"

Russell cringed and shrugged his shoulders.

"I really don't know" he paused "but  I know I want her to want it for the right reasons. Jax" he looked directly into the younger man's eyes "I'm falling for her in a big way. After your Mum..." his voice trailed off as his eyes now met a softened gaze. He inhaled deeply "After your Mum I never expected to fall for anyone again. Then I fell for you and now... now I'm worried that if I let myself fall completely for Cori and things don't work out..."

He shoved his hands in his pockets, afraid that Jax would see how much his hands were shaking.

Jax looked out to the street. There was no one around but with much of their business being the elderly population with their stark views of what a relationship should be he couldn't take the chance of anyone finding out about him and Russell.

"Russ" he said softly as he walked to him "this is just you trying to get past the guilt of being with another woman. I know how much you loved Mum. I saw it right from the beginning and even more so the day you married her but I also know that my Mum wouldn't want you to be unhappy. Hell you and I both know she'd probably be up there wanting to kick your arse for not finding someone else to love."

His arms wrapped around the rigid body of Russell and he leaned to kiss his cheek gently before moving his kisses towards his ear.

"Think about it Russ. Tonight you and I get to make love to a woman... our woman... together."

Russell's hands moved quickly and he grabbed Jax by the waist pulling him closer. There was no doubt that the swift draining of blood from his body towards his hardening manhood was a consequence of his immediate thoughts of both him and Jax taking Cori at the same time.

"Damn you Jax!" Russell hissed "How the fuck am I supposed to work with a hard on?"

"Well" Jax chuckled "if I wasn't in a hurry with this car I'm doing then I'd say" he kissed the pulsing point on Russell's neck "meet me in the office... but this car's being picked up in an hour sooo" he went to pull back but Russell's hands held him firmly in place as his head twisted to firmly take Jax's mouth. 

Both men groaned into the kiss, both seeking dominance over the other... neither giving in. A grinding of hips showed that both men were more than ready for what couldn't happen at that time.

"Go home Russ" Jax's voice hoarse as they both gasped for air "Go home and do all those romantic things that girls love."

Knowing there was no way he could concentrate on anything at the garage without fucking it up Russell agreed. 

"So dinner, candles, flowers..."

"And music" Jax moved away and reached down to adjusted himself to relieve some of the pressure of the denim material.

"Shit. What sort of music does she like?" Russell ran a hand over his hair and grimaced as he realised the first thing he needed to do when he got home was shower and wash his hair. 

"Uh... look just leave the music. Hell Russ, you know how to do this. Just create an atmosphere and we'll just let things happen."

Russell chuckled. Maybe he was overthinking this? Making excuses like Jax said but their first time with Cori was going to be special for them all. He shook his head at himself and moved towards the office to get hit keys.

"What do you want for dinner?"

Jax stopped and looked over his shoulder at him with a sly smirking grin.

"Maybe after the last time we should order in?"

Russell started to laugh out loud.

"I'll think of something" he crossed over and picked up his keys from the desk before leaving the office to head out of the garage "and if that gets burnt then we'll order in."


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