Author Note

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YES! This story will be coming back and finished!!! There is much more to add and parts will slowly be added back to wp. Eventually though, this story, like many others will be published and only a sample posted here.

This story is typically clichéd and as such may run the risk of sending you to a cold shower. It's an idea that's been playing in my mind for some time. There are a number of chapters already written but will be posted at varying intervals as a way to say thank you to all the loyal readers who've supported and followed me throughout my stories.

Do not read this if you are unable to handle sexual situations. Back away now if you're unable to be mature.

This story will have deliberate private chapters.

This story is a complete figment of my imagination and therefore any copying with or without my permission is illegal.

©2015 MMB

All rights reserved in accordance with International Laws.

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