Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Shifterland by SierraBraveRomance
Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in SierraBraveRomance
(18+ Adults Only) All of her life, Alice had known she was different. Not only did she have trouble relating to the people around her, everything about her surroundings...
  • explicit
  • nsfw
  • erotica
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Manor IX [Slowly Updating ] by kp24824
Manor IX [Slowly Updating ]by KP24824
This story is for MATURE audiences. This is your warning. Maci was awarded a scholarship for a rigorous academic program at a prestigious college after transferring her...
  • guyxgirl
  • jock
  • menage
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Performing Live On The BBC by EthicalSmut
Performing Live On The BBCby Roslyn Hetrick
Also available on Amazon Kindle or at my site, Erotic story in which a loving husband wants to make his wife's tenth anniversary a memorable occasion in...
  • indieauthor
  • interracial
  • ethicalsmut
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Twins Torture by isawyoutheotherday
Twins Tortureby Ashley Acebo
#39 in TWINS 7/19/18 #150 in ROMANCE 4/10/2018 Highest Rank #3 in AFTER DARK COMMUNITY Playlist {Book #3 ILLICIT SERIES} MMF Menage *can be read as a stand alone* ...
  • threesome
  • taboo
  • erotic
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Tyler by daddysgirl38
Tylerby daddysgirl38
Mature story- Must be over 18 to read. This story is a Daddy and Mommy Dom story a form of BDSM. Please Google. Also Tyler and his Mommy and Daddy are first introduced i...
  • gay
  • ageplay
  • submissive
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Time To Waste by WednesdaysCoffin
Time To Wasteby WednesdaysCoffin
After one big snafu, Jenna and Chris are ready to celebrate the first month of their new relationship in grand style. When one of the pair confesses their most secret fa...
  • originalofc
  • chriscerullixofc
  • threesome
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short stories....i guess😐 by JalayahJackson
short stories....i guess😐by pastel psycho
Heres everyone (soon to be favorite) short stories erotic or not. I hope you all enjoy puh eace.
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From Dusk Till Dawn The Series (Season 4) (completed) by fabs909
From Dusk Till Dawn The Series ( fabs909
Excerpt: Have you ever thought what it would be like if Kate chose me instead of you?" Richie asked giving his brother a sideways glance as he looked from the large...
  • sethgecko
  • zaneholtz
  • love
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My 2 Possessive Sexy Mates by jpal4life
My 2 Possessive Sexy Matesby jjjjjjj14
Jennifer's life has been a pain in the a$$ but things are starting to look up until she meets Xavier and as soon as things start to look up again BAM she meets Liam Will...
  • werewolfs
  • threesome
  • humanmate
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Almost Girlfriend by frugaloof
Almost Girlfriendby Yimse Yatchimin
'She' did not have the beauty, but she made me happy. Her ex showed up when we were going steady. Characters: Cleo/Eskimo/Nosy (narrator and protagonist), Sheena/She, Co...
  • transsexual
  • romance
  • lust
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Diplomatic Immunity; A Star Wars Erotica FanFic by Becky Embers by BeckyEmbers
Diplomatic Immunity; A Star Wars Becky Embers
Mere weeks after the Battle for Endor, Han Solo arrives at home to Corellia on a Diplomatic Mission to restore good relations to the New Republic. With Leia and Chewbacc...
  • eroticromance
  • leia
  • mmf
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Best of Both Worlds? by ConsirLV
Best of Both Worlds?by Lewisdean
Who says being bisexual is easy? That statement doesn't hold true for Michael Travis, a young bisexual guy living in a small town in Kansas. People throw themselves at h...
  • kansas
  • bisexuality
  • highschool
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Sinful Siblings' College Party Play by EthicalSmut
Sinful Siblings' College Party Playby Roslyn Hetrick
Also available on Amazon Kindle or at my site, Jeff Halberstam, a Senior and member of the prestigious ΣΦΣ fraternity and his younger sister, Jess, Fresh...
  • mmf
  • mf
  • kindle
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Secret Keepers by TheWeirdGirlNextDoor
Secret Keepersby Deviant
Always watch your back before you get risky. You never know who's watching. === "You just can't be nice for a second can you?" "Sorry it's not my thing, n...
  • triangle
  • college
  • lust
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Completing the Dukedom by Tambak34
Completing the Dukedomby Tammy Baker
Ella an innocent Vicars daughters life is disrupted after her fathers passing. She has little options except to go live with a distant relative in London or apply for wo...
  • innocent
  • virgin
  • victorian
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Jane In Space by PollyConnor
Jane In Spaceby Polly Connor
Jane Austen. On a spaceship. With a handsome starship captain. Will love bloom? Will aliens land? Will the universe survive? Will Jane write a novel about it? Miss...
  • sciencefiction
  • janeausten
  • northangerabbey
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Sexy Stories by _lick___Me_
Sexy Storiesby _lick___Me_
Just some short sexy stories. Just doing this for fun. If you want me to write anything just pm me.
  • mxm
  • sexy
  • fmm
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Love Like A Tidal Wave (Kellic) by cookiedoughfriend
Love Like A Tidal Wave (Kellic)by 💛
Beauty is taken in the form of Prince Kellin Bostwick of the island kingdom of Madness. A beautiful young male who wears dresses, destined to take the throne. This probl...
  • vicfuentes
  • kellicquentes
  • bmth
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Série Bilionário Bissexual: Negligente - Vol. 1 by AfterForeverSeries
Série Bilionário Bissexual: Bilionário Bissexual
Depois de ser forçado a sair de sua empresa, Nelson retorna para casa como um bilionário, mas com um buraco em sua vida. Quando conhece Kimberly e Samuel, decide que vai...
  • mmf
  • erotico
  • bilionário
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YoonJinMinTaeKook Imagines  by Flurzy
YoonJinMinTaeKook Imagines by ×lιтнιι×
Poly (W/ X Reader) Imagines The Ships Include: YoonJin YoonMin Yoonkook TaeGi TaeJin VMin (I only write bottom taehyung, I can't top him he's too innocent) TaeKook Jiko...
  • jeonjungkook
  • mmf
  • kimseokjin
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