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RINASCITA | #ONC2020 by RaquelAndGray
RINASCITA | #ONC2020by Raquel
Maya Ward has spent almost half of her life being used by the Paranormal Council for her powers. Unable to leave, she struggles with keeping her morals and her heart int...
The Chef & Her Bad Boys by MariaMarble095
The Chef & Her Bad Boysby Maria Marble
Maria Jordan Lawrence had no idea how it happened but she'd managed to attract the attention of not one but two Avengers. Tony Stark and Loki Laufayson both have decided...
The Alpha and The White Wolf by _mollis_
The Alpha and The White Wolfby Skye Carnation
The most powerful alpha goes around looking for his second mate. he's at Aspen's pack of course so she is the white wolf. Ignores her "Alpha" and stays in her...
Clementine by Ana-in-pink
Clementineby Ana-in-pink
Oh my darling... It wasn't the Dimitriou brothers' way to take 'no' for an answer. Living rich, lavish lives, the brothers never found it difficult to get what they want...
Three Little Wolves by coralreef1029
Three Little Wolvesby Coral
Louvenia has her whole life flipped upside down. Things don't go according to plan and she ends up being attacked. This leads to her finding not only her mates but the t...
The Wolf with a Red Scarf by idiotsweekly
The Wolf with a Red Scarfby (Be Creative)
A story in which a blind warrior, an alpha, and.. well.. we're still not sure what the girl is.. try to make this whole mate thing work! This story is still in the works...
Wunscherfüllung by Black-Angel97
Wunscherfüllungby Black-Angel97
Nackt, gefesselt & mit drei weiteren Männern in einem Raum...
Rose by hexpea
Roseby hexpea
Matty has a big plan and you just decide to top it only using words.
Lyrics: Memphis May Fire by lovemetanearlydeath
Lyrics: Memphis May Fireby lovemetanearlydeath
Memphis May Fire song lyrics, for all the MMF fans out there.
Finally Found Home (All Time Low Fanfiction) by musicsaves
Finally Found Home (All Time Low Maria
Carrie has been through a lot her entire life. When she gets the chance to meet All Time Low secrets start to come out. Secrets that will change her life forever. Will e...
Exiled by LonelyTree3
Exiledby Bri Whitt
Kiernan wasn't a very complicated girl, it didn't take much to make her happy. She had a decent life, decent friends, and a pretty great boyfriend. He was her highschool...
Warped Tour 2008 by blackwithlowveil
Warped Tour 2008by blackwithlowveil
Signed to Warped in 2017, these teens will meet their heroes, and become heroes. But there will be Misadventures along the way...
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