Ch 25

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Cori shuffled her feet slightly as a red tinge grew from the base of her neck and up over her face.

"Hahahahaha... just kidding sis. I know Mr Brown and his stepson were staying here looking after you. I mean if it was undies or boxers then I'd be asking a hell of a lot of questions but a sock? Nah. It's just good to know you've been looked after."

Cori gave a nervous giggle and snatched the sock from her brother.

"Yeah they were pretty caring guys while..."

"Yes and Cori will never have reason to be looked after that way again" their father came up behind them "will you?" he looked pointedly at Cori.

"No Dad, lesson learned."

"Good," he nodded "now I think we have a barbecue to get ready for. Those guys deserve a good meal after taking care of my girl like they have."

Cori and Tim watched as their father walked away from the and headed back in the direction of the kitchen before turning back to them "Cori, why are you holding a mans sock?"

Tim grinned widely and looked at his sister who, again, started turning a shade of red.

"It belongs to either Mr Brown or his son Dad." 

Their father was silent for a moment and then slowly nodded.

"They did stay here to look after you" he spoke calmly "and it's not like there's anything going on between any of you..."

Cori swallowed hard before speaking.

"Well actually Dad..."

"Oh my god! You're seeing the son aren't you?" Tim's outburst took a moment to register while her father stood with his eyebrows raised, waiting for her answer.

"Um, well, yes. But you see there's..."

"Ok. Is he good to you sweetheart? You haven't known him for too long, are you sure this is right for you?" her fathers tone was definitely one of a concerned parent.

Oh god, if he only knew!

"Yes Dad, I mean, it's still early stages yet but we're taking our time getting to know one another. "

Her father nodded approvingly "That's the way to do it sweetheart. Don't make any rash decisions and remember if ever you need to talk things through" he gulped " well, I'm not your mother but I can listen when you need me to."

"Oh dad" she moved quickly towards him and wrapped him in a hug "you've been the best dad anyone could have. You've always been there for both Tim and I and we love you for it."

She felt the warmth of her fathers arms as he squeezed her tight against his chest.

"I'm glad you think that." He cleared his throat to ward off the beckoning tears. "Now let's get things organised for dinner tonight and then we can see about the other things that need to be done here."


This will be redone at some point but I needed to rewrite so the story could continue and it's not exactly what I was after.

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