Ch 26

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"Oh shit!" Jax slammed the car door with a frown as Russell pulled the keys from the ignition and got out of the car.


Jax nodded towards Cori's house. Through the space between the houses he could see a familiar car they'd seen once before for a short time.

"Oh hell" Russell's shoulders slumped as his mind registered the plans they would now be cancelling "her father."

Both men looked at the car as if wishing it away. Neither were ready to deal with an overbearing parent, least of all John who treated Cori as if she were a breakable princess.

"Looks like we're staying home tonight" Russell's voice sounded as down as his body was as he stood slumped down.

"Do you think..." Jax shook his head "nah, don't worry about it."

"What?" Russell wasn't willing to dismiss any idea that may have them seeing their girl.

"Well" he started walking towards the house with Russell following "I know our plans are shot but maybe..."

"Oh hey there Russell. Good to see you again."

Russell gulped and turned towards John as he was walking towards them from the back of Cori's house.

"Hey John. Good to see you again." He held out his hand as he took the steps needed to shake the older man's hand.

"I realise you guys just got home so I won't keep you. I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of my girl. Young ones these days..."

"Yeah. Young ones." The two words were all that needed to be said for John to grin as if in cahoots with Russell.

"Look to say thanks I'm throwing some stuff on the barbeque and you guys are invited to join us."

"Hell yes!" Jax almost blushed when he remembered who he was talking to and swallowed hard to push down his excitement.

"Oh I know about you" John pointed a finger towards him and Jax's body shrank from brick wall to picket fence in that one instance. "I know you and my daughter are seeing one another."

"You... do?" Jax's voice squeaked out in a less than masculine way and he took a hestitant step back.

"I do. Now I have no problem with you seeing my daughter, she is after all an adult" John's eyes narrowed sharply "but if you hurt her in any way then I.."

"I won't!" Jax blurted out as relief flooded through him.

"Oh I know... and I'm sure your father will make sure that you don't. I'm sure that I can trust him to keep an eye on you both."

Russell swallowed and shoved his hands into his pockets. His mind went to the image of Jax and Cori on her kitchen floor and the way she writhed against his mouth as he tasted her sweet sweet...

"Don't you agree Russell?"

Russell shook his head and looked at John with bulging eyes. He was sure his face had turned as red as Cori's sunburn and he hoped like hell that junior went back to sleep quickly.

"Um... sorry?" God he sounded pathetic. This secrecy thing may not be as easy as he first thought!

"I was saying that as fathers it's our duty to ensure our children are looked after no matter what their age."

Russell looked at John and nodded. "Exactly John. Duty. I completely agree."

Jax grinned at Russell.

"Naww I never knew you cared so much."

"Shut it Jax."

John laughed and shook his head "Well, I better go and get things sorted if we expect to eat before midnight. Just come over when you're ready."

Russell and Jax both nodded as John turned to walk away.

"Jax..." Russell shuddered.

"Yes Russell?" Jax's voice was full of laughter at the straining of Russell's voice.

"I need to fuck. I'll never make it through the evening near Cori if..."

Jax was walking towards the house when he suddenly turned and in a low husky voice he spoke "I'm going to have a shower... care to save some water?"


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