Ch 4

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Cori stretched out with a yawn as the sunlight filtered through her lace covered windows. Why didn't she close her blinds last night? UGH! Scrunching her eyes against the sudden blindness she was determined to stay in bed a little longer before really exploring the house and putting all her stuff away.

Her mind drifted back over the events of yesterday and she sighed as she realised there was no way in hell she'd be getting any more sleep. With a weary moan she pushed the covers back and shivered at the blast of the morning chill before making her way to the bathroom.

One look in the mirror had her face blushing to a perfect shade of crimson as she recalled the way she'd looked last night.

How embarrassing!

She'd been here less than twenty four hours and definitely made an impression on the guys who lived next door. She found herself giggling at what could have been going through their minds when they saw the way she'd looked. Were they laughing now after keeping so straight faced in her presence?

It was obvious to her that the men were very close but it was confusing to think of the way she'd seen them look at her of their eye. What exactly did that mean? She could have sworn by the way they looked at one another that they were gay. Oh. Maybe they were bisexual?

Who cares? At least she had some interesting eye candy living next to her. The two men were a virgíns dream candy.

Leaving the bathroom she started walking to her kitchen when a loud knock came on her front door.

Dammit! I want coffee.

Opening the door she was met with Russell who slowly gazed over her before she realised...

Oh shit!

She ducked behind the door.

"Uh... one moment."

In her panic she slammed the door in his face and she was positive she heard a loud laugh coming from the other side of her door.

Note to self: Answering the door in a singlet top and panties is not acceptable!

With complete embarrassment she slowly answered the door again to find a laughing Russell now telling Jax about how she'd opened the door previously. Neither man had noticed her presence until she coughed slightly and was standing with her arms folded and a scowl on her face.

"Hey babe." Jax tried so very hard not to laugh but failed as Russells laughs got louder.

"Good morning sweetheart."

"What's so good about it?" she spoke with an almost sneer in her voice.

"Naww, don't be like that babe."

"I haven't had coffee and until I do then I won't be talking good anything!"

Jax looked at Russell and grinned.

"I think we've been warned."

Russell just chuckled before looking at Cori again.

"So if we were to say we have coffee brewing and breakfast is ready..."

"Lead the way!" Cori moved out the front door, closing it behind her and followed as Jax led the way with Russell falling into step beside her.

"You know, you didn't have to get dressed on our account."

Cori stopped dead in her tracks and her mouth dropped open in shock as she watched him walking forward.

"Mr Brown!"

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