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There once was a boy named Blake, he was 12 years old and had a best friend named Conner. His favorite thing to do was read horror stories. Conner didn't like it that he read scary stories all the time. He thought Blake was wasting life and they got in many fights about it.

As they grew older they went their separate ways. After several years had passed, Blake was at his college's coffee shop and he heard a familiar voice. He turned around to see a short man standing there at the counter ordering. He got a cup of iced coffee and a pastry roll, by that order Blake knew who it was -Conner.

He called him over and they sat and talked for a while. "So do you still read those horror novels?" Conner asked. "Every now and then" As time progressed Blake and Conner became roommates.

One rainy night Blake was sitting in his bed reading a horror book. He had lied to Conner about not reading his passion books that often. Drifting off while reading in his bed he heard a noise coming from his closet. He got up and walked cautiously towards the door. He tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. He turned around and heard an eerie sound from behind. Twisting around to find the closet door standing wide open.

"Hmmmm. that's weird maybe it's just the air conditioner" he thought. An hour later he heard a noise coming from his bathroom this time. "Ummm? Who's there? Is there anyone in there? Come out! Please just come out whoever you are!" "I tried to tell you Blake, but you just wouldn't listen. You brought it on yourself! You should have just listened!"

The voice inside the room started as a whisper but now was a piercing scream. Terrified he sprinted into the closet and grabbed his major league ball bat. The door slammed shut behind him and he was trapped. His bat flew across the room and plunged out the window. Strong arms grabbed him from behind and clutched tight. A blunt object came into view then... nothing, black, pitch, simple nothing. "Mmmm..... mmmm.... whe-where am I? How'd I get here?" asked Blake. He was still in his bathroom tied to the chair. He found a knife in the sink. Not knowing how it got there, he took it to defend himself against whoever or whatever was holding him hostage.

An hour later the door opened and just like that Blake was being dragged out. "This is the time I've gotta do it now" Blake thought. All so suddenly Blake took the knife he found in the sink and stabbed his attacker right through the heart. He got up and saw that the person had collapsed to the ground-dead. Blake screamed in horror as he saw who had trapped him, it was Conner!!!

Three years later it all came back to him in a vivid dream. He shot out of bed and knew that he had heard it all before. It had happened those three years earlier. Blake searched frantically through his old horror books until finally he found the one he was looking for. He read and read and he got a terrifying look on his face, it was everything that had happened except when he got to the part about him stabbing Conner. He read on and was horrified. Conner wasn't dead, in fact he was in his apartment right that second. The last thing Blake heard was "You should have stopped reading those books!!!!"

The police barged in after a report about a ball bat thrown through the window. They found a book on the floor, on the front a title was written in blood,"Familiar".

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