The Picture

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"Sigh, can school be anymore boring?" "Another 5 mintues til' the bell rings" he said. Tim glared around the room after waking up from a little nap and stared out the window; since he sat the closest to it. He started from the sky noticing how great the weather was and slowly moved his eyes down into the trees and birds. All of a sudden, a piece of paper caught his eye. It was just lying on the ground like it fell out of the sky and somehow landed near his school.

As soon as the bell rang he ran to see what it was, and hoped that no one else would have found it first. At first he thought it was money but when he picked it up it was even better. It was the picture of the prettiest girl that he had ever seen. She was wearing a cute uniform and holding up the peace sign with her two fingers. She had this smile that was too cute to stop looking at.

He ran around the school with excitement and tried to find if this girl was from his school. He ran and asked everyone he saw if they knew who this beautiful girl was. However, nobody knew and said that she was probably from out of town or maybe from a different school in the city. So he called it a day and went home.

That night he layed in bed tossing and turning, just thinking about the girl in the picture. Right before he finally decided to close his eyes and sleep, he heard a giggle coming from outside of his window and saw a shadow of a girl. It was similiar to the girl in the photo; but who knows. So he stared back at her and tried to follow her as she started running away. He jumped out his window and chased her for maybe a minute and stopped in front of a large forest that he lived near. It seemed too freaky and by that time he had already lost her, so he decided to walk back home.

The next day came and he continued asking people if they had seen her before. But nobody knew. After another long day of searching he went home and just went to sleep right away. He woke up around 2 in the morning due to these noises that were coming from outside his window. It sounded like tapping with a fingernail. Once again, he saw the shadow of the same girl. This time he finally had the balls to follow her til' he got some answers. He thought,"Maybe it was a friend from school trying to play a prank on me." So he ran and ran and finally got to the point where she was maybe 8-10 feet away and out of nowhere, "BOOM!"

A car had come out of nowhere and hit him point blank. Tim lay on the ground, dead and still holding the photo of the girl. The driver ran out and tried to help Tim but was too late. As he looked at Tim he noticed the picture that Tim was holding. He picked it up and saw a cute looking girl, smiling, and holding up three fingers.

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