The Dog

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Fred Daely drove his van slowly up the long driveway towards the manor. He had been watching this place for a long time. The scum that owned it sure were rich. Fred recalled seeing them pack up their bags and fly off to some fancy resort for some fancy vacation as he parked his car in front of the house. He watched the house for a couple more nights to make sure they didn't come home and that no butlers or maids were still in there. That's why tonight he chose to make his move.

He quietly shut the door of his vehicle and snuck towards the nearest window and peered in. There was no sign of anyone being home. He continued around towards the back looking for a window to climb through. He finally found a tiny bathroom window around the side. He hoisted himself up through it and landed rather loudly onto the floor. Pausing to listen for any movement in the house, Fred prayed that all would go well.

His first intention, now that he was in, was to open the front door without any alarms going off so that he would have easy access to his van. It was simpler than he thought. He merely had to unlock the door and swing it open. For the rest of the hour he snuck around gathering things that looked valuable so that he could sell them for sacks of money. It was hard doing it on his own but he trusted no one but himself for a job this big.

At last he was finished gathering up all he could from downstairs. He glanced at his new gold Rolex watch and saw that it was five to midnight.

Great! He'd be out of here in no time and off to sell all the goods he had collected to the nearest dealer. He was confident that no one was home and stomped loudly up the marble stairs. It was strangely dark upstairs and as he looked around he noticed all the windows were closed. He shrugged it off and decided the first room he would enter would be the front room with the large front windows that looked out over the drive way. The door creaked open slowly and he stepped into the pitch black room.

The room was too dark for Fred so he decided he would open up the blinds and let a little light in so that he could see exactly what he wanted to steal. He crossed the room and opened up the blinds letting pools of moonlight into the room. It was a beautiful, clear night and he smiled proudly as he looked up into the stars. He was startled all of a sudden out of his happiness by the loud, deep bark of a dog.

Fred turned slowly towards the back left corner of the room. There was a dog pen and in the pen was a large, angry dog. The dog was snarling and jumping against the pen's walls. Fred knew the dog was trying to get to him, so he began to scramble across the room. But Fred was stopped in his tracks.

Even as the dog successfully knocked down the gate and bounded towards him that wasn't what he was worried about. Out of the darkness, growling and crawling menacingly towards him was....

Katelyn Hill sat on her front steps and stared solemnly at the ground. Fred Daely was wrong when he thought that no one was home because hidden upstairs were fourteen year old Katelyn and her dog Charlie.

Police cars and an ambulance were parked all over her front yard and Kate lyn's parents, George and Carolyn Hill, were flying back from Florida.

"Any words from the girl yet?" Officer Park said a few feet away.

"None. But we spoke to the paramedics and they said that Mr. Daely's wounds were from a dog. We have people searching the house right now for the animal. Maybe you should go over and question Ms. Hill again," Officer Third replied.

Katelyn was watching the paramedics close the ambulance doors and drive slowly down the driveway. She had a lot of things on her mind and was worried about what was going to happen to her.

" Miss? Can I ask you a few questions now?" Officer Park asked, kneeling down to be at Katelyn's level.

When Katelyn did nothing but stare blankly ahead, John Park thought it would be okay to continue on with the questions.

"Miss Hill, do you have a pet dog?" he asked.

Katelyn looked into the eyes of the officer and nodded sadly.

"A'lright," Officer Park scribbled some words down on his notebook, "Was the dog in the room with you when Mr. Daely entered?"

Katelyn nodded again.

"Good. Thank you Katelyn. Now...Was the dog responsible for the death of Mr. Daely?"

"No!" Katelyn yelled, rising to her feet as two officers and an animal control officer carried Charlie out of the manor in a cage, " No! He didn't do anything. Charlie is innocent!"

The officers stopped for a moment to look towards the now distraught Katelyn but continued on loading the dog into the animal control vehicle. Katelyn rushed towards them, tears in her eyes.

"No, please no! Don't take him away. Charlie didn't hurt that man!"

Officer Park grabbed Katelyn and held her back from the other officers. She continued to argue and hit the officer restraining her. She finally fought her way through and struggled with the animal control officer to open the vehicles doors.

"Charlie is innocent!" she continued to scream until one officer got frustrated and replied back with " Then who killed Mr. Daely in your home last night?!"

Katelyn paused, sobbing quietly, her chest heaving up and down. Everyone fell silent, waiting for the answer. It came quietly but hit with a hard blow.

"I did."

There were no more words spoken but everyone stared wide eyed at the young girl. With a closer look they could see that Katelyn had traces of blood on her arms, face, and in her hair. With a quick DNA test they confirmed it was the blood of Fred Daely.

By the time Mr. and Mrs. Hill had arrived home the police had already taken Katelyn away. Mrs. Hill rushed out of the car and to the nearest officer who was holding Charlie on a leash.

"Officer! Officer, where is my daughter?!"

"Mrs. Hill? I'm Officer Park. Your daughter has gone into custody for the murder of Fred Daely."

Mrs. Hill's eyes widened and her hand flew up to her mouth. Mr. Hill quickly appeared at his wife's side and put comforting hands on her shoulders.

"Officer," Mrs. Hill chocked through tears, "My daughter can't go to jail."

" I know ma'am. But she committed a crime and the folks down town have to think of what we can do with her."

Mrs. Hill shook her head and began to sob. George Hill pulled his wife into a hug and then turned to Officer Park.

" Officer, you don't understand. My daughter is a...werewolf."

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