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Ghostly Figures

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A girl named Rachel lived with her mom and dad. After her dad died in a brutal murder, Rachel's mother went insane. She would talk to the walls as if someone was there. She would leave Rachel to care for herself. As if that wasn't enough, Rachel's mother would always ask Rachel to come and play with what she called 'friends'. One night Rachel was sleeping soundly in her bed when she heard whispers calling her name. "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel come and play." Rachel woke up screaming, expecting her mother would come rushing in, but no one came. Rachel got tired of waiting and went to her mother's room. Rachel opened the door and screamed. She found her mother hanging from the ceiling. Rachel fell on the floor and cried. When she opened her eyes, she found a note left by her mother. Rachel didn't notice another page of the note that had fallen under the bed. In the note in Rachel's hand it said her mother's last words, "My dear daughter, I know this might be hard on you, but my time has come. As my death wish I want you to tell no one about my death and bury me in the backyard. Please grant my wish. Love, mother." Rachel didn't know why her mother wanted that, but she did what her mother asked. After burying her mother, Rachel went to clean up the mess in her mother's room. She looked under the bed and found the other page, this time a necklace with a red stone attached to it was taped on the note. In the note it said, "Here I have a present for you. It's one of the dearest things I have. Be careful of it or it will break and will not protect you as it did for me. Remember I always love you. Sincerely mother." Later that evening Rachel went back to bed but she couldn't sleep. Whispers called her name, "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, come play with us, Rachel." Tears streamed across Rachel's face as she covered her ears and kept screaming, "Leave me alone!" After an hour of whispers, shadows came in front of Rachel. One stuck it's hand in front of Rachel. "Come play, Rachel." Giving up Rachel took it's hand. Rachel was never the same again. At that moment Rachel realized what her mother meant. She wasn't talking about the necklace itself, she was talking about what comes with it. Rachel remembered that her mother always wore this necklace ever since she became insane. Rachel's mom wanted her to take care of her friends. That was exactly what Rachel did. The rest of her life she talked to the shadows and stayed away from the outside world. But when she died at a very young age, the shadows were alone and the necklace was gone searching for its next victim. When you wear the necklace, it seems like Rachel comes into your body and shows you what she sees. How do I know? Rachel told me. I have her necklace and she has me. I see the shadows and Rachel's uses me to comfort them. I see shadows peeking through my door and coming across my room. My mother thinks I'm crazy. Now I must go or the shadows will know.

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