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Four friends were talking to each other in a chatroom. Their names were Melinda, Bob, George and Roxanne. It was their normal, nightly chat of catching up on what was new and joking around.

It was common for new people to log in sometimes and this night someone named "peacelover" entered the chat. The four of them greeted peacelover.

There was no response. That happened sometimes. Somebody logs in to see what's going on in the room and ends up not saying anything and eventually timing out.

Melinda, Bob, George and Roxanne continued their chat. A few minutes later, though, Roxanne stopped responding. Melinda wrote, "Weird. She always says 'bye' before leaving." "Maybe her computer crashed," was George's reply.

The three of them talked some more and then George ceased chatting without logging out. "What's going on?" Melinda said. "Maybe this site has a bug." Bob agreed and wrote, "peacelover, are you still with us?" No response again.

Melinda became very alarmed a few minutes later when Bob stopped talking suddenly like the others. She was about to log out when she got a private message from peacelover! She clicked the update to see what it said. It read, "Go to peacelover.x, Melinda." Immediately peacelover logged out. Totally curious, Melinda clicked the link and went to the website.

There she saw a photo of a man. At first, Melinda thought he looked nice. But the more she stared at him the more evil he seemed. She clicked on the photo to see what would happen. Another photo came up: It showed three people lying down in the middle of the street. Melinda recognized them from the photos she had seen before of them: Roxanne, George and Bob. They were all lying in contorted positions as thought they were dead, yet they all had smiles on their faces.

At that moment Melinda felt the presence of someone behind her.......

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