Silent Rose

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There once was a girl named Rose. She grew up in a loving family and led a peaceful life. That was until her 13th birthday.

Rose and her parents were driving home from her birthday dinner. It was late at night and Rose was happily chatting away to her parents. It was bad luck that her father was concentrating on what Rose was saying instead of focusing on the road. Her mother screamed, "LOOK OUT!" That was when Rose's father turned around to see the two bright beams of a truck's headlights rushing towards them. A split second later, the sound of screaming brakes and grinding metal filled Rose's ears.

The reports all said that Rose was lucky to be alive. While her parents were killed on impact, she only suffered minor cuts and bruises, but the major damage was on the inside. Rose blamed herself for her parent's death. She was the one talking, which distracted her father. She was the reason they were dead.

Rose was taken in by an orphanage. She was still beating herself up for what happened, and refused to talk. Filled with remorse, she visited her parent's graves every Sunday. She would bring roses so that her parents would know that it was her that visited. She was an outcast at the orphanage. Some were scared of her, while others would tease her for being "Weird".

A group of boys were especially nasty. They would follow her when she went to the graveyard on Sundays. They would attack her and torture her, knowing that she would suffer in silence.

One week, they took it too far. They took the roses she had laid on her parent's graves and shoved them down her throat, suffocating her.

Realizing what they had done, they quickly took her body and buried her. Then things started to happen...

One by one the boys that had killed her started to see her in their dreams and when they were alone it would become silent. Then, a week after her death, one the boys were found dead with roses down his throat and he was surrounded with a ring of red rose petals. The next two boys suffered the same fate, one day after the next.

The final boy was laying awake in bed to escape the nightmares, when she appeared. She was wearing a white gown, stained with blood and she was holding a bunch of red roses. She staggered towards him, with a malevolent grin on her face. He went to scream, but couldn't; she was making him suffer the way she did. She started to sing slowly, in a voice that sounded like nails on a blackboard "Ring, a ring of roses, a pocketful of posies, atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down." During the song the boy fell to his knees and struggled to breathe. He took his last breath, then was still. She whispered under her breath, "We all fall down."

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