Innocent Smile

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I was taking a walk at night, just around the neighborhood. I never really believed in ghosts, so it didn't bother me walking around places in the evening.

So there I was walking. The cold air brushing against my face. As I was walking, I passed by the village playground. I was so curious why there was a little boy on the swings that late at night. It was past 9 pm in the evening. I started walking towards him when I clumsily stubbed my toe against a rock which of course caused me to look at my foot. But when I looked back up the boy wasn't there. He was at the top of the slide looking at me with an innocent smile.

At that moment, I began freaking out. This boy's innocent smile began to grow wider. It would have torn his little face to smile like that! I mean, literally, the smile was reaching his ears!

I ran back towards the house but as I was approaching the house, he was there, at our front porch! Sitting there at our makeshift hammock!

I just burst out in tears and I shouted "Get away!" over and over again. I remember falling to the ground and hitting my head on the pavement. That was it.

I woke up and it was morning. I was in bed wearing the clothes that I was in the night I took that walk. I ran to my parents' room and they weren't there. I smelled bacon. I ran to the kitchen and there was my mom. She asked my if I was alright. I said no. She told me everything.

They were worried when I still wasn't home and it was nearing 10 o'clock in the evening. She sent my dad and my brother to look for me. They eventually found me at the foot of the slide at the village playground. She asked me what happened. And I began to cry again.

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