The Snow Maiden

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Tonight it was snowing. It was in late December and the cold was overwhelming. Sally was on vacation in Japan with her parents. Their guide, Masako, had told them the legend of the Yuki Onna, or the Snow Maiden. In Japan, legend has it that the Yuki Onna comes out during snow storms and often creeps into peoples' houses while they are sleeping. She usually attacks young men and acts like a succubus, seducing them until they are in a trance so she can kill them by sucking the very life essence out of them. But sometimes her victims are teenage girls. In some rare versions of the legend, she will steal their soul and suck every drop of blood from them, using both their soul and blood to make herself more youthful and beautiful.

"Stupid story" Sally thought to herself while she was alone in the hotel "Ha! It's not like anybody would actually believe that crap". Sally hated Japan and its culture and didn't know why her parents insisted on bringing her on their trip. She didn't even care about her dead uncle. Her uncle married a Japanese woman named Yukiko and had 4 children with her. But now he was dead. The autopsy showed that he had frozen to death, but one very strange question remained. How could he have frozen to death if he died while he was indoors? The house was perfectly heated; there was just no logical explanation for any of this.

Sally was in the hotel now and it was getting dark. Her parents were at the calling hours, a small ceremony before the funeral. The funeral was tomorrow and her parents would not be home until late at night. Sally turned on the television. That was a pretty stupid idea though, because all the shows were in Japanese obviously. She fell asleep watching a funny talk show called AyuReady that was hosted by a Popstar named Ayumi Hamasaki.

She woke up two hours later. A white noise was on the TV screen. It was a static-like noise. She turned it off and looked around the room to realize that it was completely dark. She tried to flick on the lights but it didn't work. The power must have gone out while she was sleeping. The temperature in the room was freezing cold. She looked at the thermostat. "What?!!" she said, scared and surprised. The thermostat was on 75 degrees! There was no reason for it to be this cold! Just then a knock was at the door. It made Sally jump and almost scream. Then a high, cute voice said "me-do desu!" (that means "it's the maid!"). "Room service" Sally thought as she opened the door. But to her horror, it was not the cute happy maid she was expecting. It was a tall, freakishly pale woman with thick black hair and blood red lips. She was wearing a long white kimono and platform black geta, Japanese sandals. Her black hair was long at it covered parts of her face.

Sally screamed and tried to run, but now there was no escape. The woman pushed her to the ground. As Sally took a deep breath, the woman inhaled above her and all of her blood burst out of her and flowed upwards into the woman's mouth, killing Sally instantly while the woman drank her blood.

In the morning, Sally's parents came home to see Yukiko, Sally's uncle's wife, sitting in the hotel room in a black kimono next to the blood-soaked body of Sally.

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