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There were two friends named Jen and Kim, who lived in a wealthy, quiet neighborhood. The girls ALWAYS went to the park after school. There they would get ice cream from the Ice cream man. He was an old man that kinda creeped them out, but they thought he seemed nice and decided to buy ice cream from him anyways. The one thing that REALLY creeped them out was the way he would always sing "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" to himself in his quiet raspy voice and laugh( he had a scary psycho laugh).The girls DID NOT like this and finally decided to stop buying from him.

One day after school they took a shortcut through the park and suddenly saw him. He was staring at them from his car. Suddenly he started singing "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" They got spooked and ran to Jen's house and locked the door. Suddenly the phone rang.......

"Hello?" Jen said nothing. "Hello?" she repeated "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" Jen dropped the phone, got on the floor and started crying. Kim picked up the phone,"Hello?" "I see you" said the voice "Who is this?" cried Kim, then she heard the laugh, which was all too familiar."WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!" she cried " Because I miss you, Kim I like your shirt" he said " I love ice cream", but why is Jen crying?" " HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE THINGS?" Kim said looking down at her shirt, then at Jen.

He said

"Tell her not to worry Icecream man will be there soon. Kim now crying hung up the phone and called the police. " 911 may we help you?" "Yes" Kim said, " I think there is someone stalking me and my friend." "Think?" said the operator,"What do you mean think?" "well" Kim said " he knows what I'm wearing and that my friend is crying" "Is she OK?"asked the operator "Yes, just scared, anyways can you send an officer. It will make me feel better." "Yes, but it will be about ten minutes" "ok,bye." then she hung up. Jen asked " are they coming?" " In ten minutes." she said.

Then the phone rang......"Hello?" "why did you call the police I wasn't going to hurt you but now I feel like I will" he said laughing "HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS?" she said "I told you I see you " Kim hung up. She got Jen and told her. They ran upstairs to Jen's room and locked the door. Once more the phone rang and Jen answered "Stop calling!" she yelled " Wow, ummmmm do you know who this is?" "Mom?" "Yes" said the caller "Everything OK?" "YES!" (she didn't want her mom to worry)"Just getting prank calls." "OKAY?" said her mom " I'll be home at 8:00" "Ok" said Kim and hung up. Suddenly the phone rang again "Mom?" "NO" said the voice " you think hiding in the room can stop me?" She hung up as she knew who it was. She ran to the window locked it and shut the blinds.

Kim now said she wanted to go home. Then they heard a noise in the bathroom and cautiously headed towards it. Next they heard the most terrifying thing "I scream you scream we all scream for icecream"................ then he came out of the shower humming it to himself. He grabbed them both and well, we know what happened next.

The police never came. At 8:00 Jen's mom arrived. She saw the light on in Jen's room and went upstairs into her room. She then cried out in pain. On the bed layed her daughter and her friend, dead with ice cream in their hands and the ice cream man singing "I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream"...............................

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