It's Playground

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It was October 13, close to Halloween, and some boys about 12 years old were playing near a playground.

"Hey, guys, how about we get in the Halloween spirit and actually go to the playground?" One of the boys, Tim, asked.

"Are you kidding? You know that "its" supposed to live there in October!" A different boy, Josh, said.

There was a legend in this town that in October, this particular playground was supposed to be haunted by something. Nobody knew exactly what, but people claimed that "it" had killed a group of girls playing there in October.

"Well, whatever, if you guys wanna be babies, then go ahead, but I'm going in." Tim said.

They watched him climb up the ladder to the tree house-like top. They heard him start laughing, but about a minute later he stopped. They stared, waiting to see what happened, for about five minutes, when suddenly one of them yelled, "Look!"

They all turned to where he was pointing, and at the bottom of the tunnel slide they saw blood draining out of the bottom. They all started screaming and ran away. Later they got together and swore not to tell anyone what happened.

"Someone has to go and clean it up, before anyone else sees it." Josh said.

"What?!" they all yelled at once.

"Well, Cody, you're his best friend, you should do it." Will said.

At first Cody declined, but eventually they convinced him to do it. When he got there, he took a rag and started wiping up the blood. Unfortunately, he had to go at night so nobody could see him, because they'd think he had killed Tim. As Cody wiped it up, he remembered what his friends said, "Whatever you do, don't look up the slide." they had warned.

He tried not to, but eventually he couldn't resist it anymore and looked up. He immediately puked at what he saw. It was horrible and it was his own best friend. He then decided that he would kill whatever did this to him, so he slowly walked up the ladder. As he reached the top, he took one look and, again, threw up. There was a decaying body, covered in maggots, perched up against the wall. He looked down to find a piece of paper, and written in blood it said,

"Don't take a dare, don't come after them, don't look for thrills, don't disturb the dead, don't come up here,

The last person to."

As he finished the note something grabbed his ankle and tried to pull him down the slide, but he held to one slide, and the other hand easily split him in half.

"Don't take a dare, don't come after them, don't look for thrills, don't disturb the dead, don't come up here." he heard the body that was purched against the wall whisper before he died.

"Happy Friday the 13th."

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