The Shoe Box

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It was raining heavily and Sarah was wishing that she hadn't

yelled at her mum about always picking her up, and never letting

her walk home. After all, she was 15.

Anyway, Sarah was

making her way across town in the pouring rain, when she heard

a voice coming from under the bridge she was crossing. "Hello?

hello?" The voice was raspy, like someone who had lost their


Sarah stopped to have a look under the bridge, thinking maybe it was a friend playing a trick. She ran around the side of

the bridge and down under the bridge. There standing in front of

her was a little old woman, holding a shoe box.

"Hello Sarah, I have a present for you!". Sarah had never seen this lady in her

life. At first she thought it was creepy that the stranger knew her

name, but what happened next scared her even more. "Uhh...

sorry, I gotta go.." Sarah was ready to turn around and bolt out of

there. "Wait, Thomas told me to give this to you. He also said

that he is OK, and he wants you and Nancy to be happy."

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. "what? Is this a joke!?"

Sarah wasn't scared as much as she was angry. Thomas was the

name of Sarah's late father. "No, Thomas said that I would find

the box under this bridge, and that he knew I would find you

here to! I have been waiting for three weeks."

Sarah felt like punching the old hag. The woman shoved the box at Sarah.

Sarah instinctively grabbed it, and before she could throw it

back, the woman was off around the corner and out of sight.

Sarah stuffed the box in her bag. She thought she had heard a

little whimper, but she ignored it and walked home.

When she got home, she decided to see what was in the shoe

box. As she was getting it out of her bag, she was thinking

about what the lady had said. "Thomas said that I would find the

box under this bridge" Sarah knew that her father had been on

his way home from work when he died. He was driving across

the bridge, when the driver of an 18 wheeler lost control of his

truck and collided with her dad's car, sending her father and the

trucker both hurtling off the bridge.

Her dad's car and been

totally submerged under water so quickly, and with the impact

of the truck hitting him straight on, he died almost instantly. It

was only three weeks a go. You might think that Sarah was a

cold person for seeming to have gotten over it so quickly, but

she was dieing inside. She had always been like that. She was

good at pretending everything was fine.

Sarah opened the box, revealing a beautiful dress. Her mum,

Nancy walked past and spotted the dress. "Where did that come


Sarah explained to her mum about the lady. "What? Why would

you even speak to someone like that!" Suddenly the noise of the

TV in the lounge room seemed louder then it had been. They

could both hear the news from Sarah's room. "Today, the woman

who was tragically killed last month in a crash involving an 18

wheeler and a car, has been identified"

Sarah hadn't heard about

a woman being involved. "Mum, what woman?" Sarah's mum

looked like she was about to cry. "I, I thought it was best that

you didn't know. When your father was crashed into, his car was

flung into a woman that was crossing the bridge. All three of

them died." Sarah couldn't believe that no one had told her the

truth. She ran to the lounge room. The report on the TV showed a

picture. "Mum, that can't be the woman that died!" Sarah cried.

"Why not?" She didn't understand. "That is the lady that gave me

the box today under the bridge!"

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