Father and Son

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Ryan always loved working at the supermarket. He was always courteous to the customers and dropped what he was doing to help them.

Ryan went home after work to find out that his mom and dad had a fight and that they was getting a divorce. Ryan was saddened and couldn't believe that they were getting a divorce.

The next day came and Ryan was ready for work, but he was not in the perfect mood to work like normal. He was rude to every customer that came up to him and asked him for help.

Then this one customer came in. Nobody had ever seen him before around town in their lives. He was a white male, with black hair, and wearing a black leather jacket. He looked like he had a terrifying accident as he had dirt all over his face and was covered with blood and deep wounds. Then Ryan saw him and stared at him and thought he looks really familiar. He came after Ryan, and Ryan ran into the break room and locked the door. Next his phone rang. He answered it, it was his mom, she was crying. Ryan asked her what was wrong. She said it's your dad, "yeah" Ryan said. He died in a horrific motorcycle accident. Ryan paused, and said mom can I call you back? "Yes sweetie you can." Ryan opened the break room door. The man was there. The man spoke.

"Sorry son, I'm sorry for what I put you through, I should've never caused this divorce to happen." Ryan was terrified. "Oh son one last thing, tell mom that I'm sorry and I love her and will dearly miss her. Treat her well son and protect her." Ryan cried and hugged his father, saying don't go dad. "I have to son." I don't want you to. "I love you son, and I will always be there with you, I love you son." Ryan hugged his father and he said "be a good boy son, now I have to go." Bye dad, "Bye son." He then dissappeared.

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