Clown Doll

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I shivered in delight and bit my lips. My sister was now going to pay. She had done enough bad things to me in the past. So because of that; she would have a taste of my bitter revenge. And I had a perfect surprise for her, right next to me.

I smiled and picked up my "surprise" and looked at it. It was a small clown doll, which had an evil expression on its small face. It had a sharp knife on its tiny, white hand. I had bought this at the Halloween Store for free. The owner seemed desperate to give it away. And I had took it without giving much thought as to why the man had wanted to get rid of it.

My sister, Melissa, was scared of clowns. Very, very scared. A long time ago, there had been an incident at a circus that Melissa can't apparently forget. She and I had once been there, playing on all kinds of fun rides. We were walking down to the Moon Walk when suddenly a huge clown popped out of no where and smiled its yellow teeth real big. I laughed and pointed but Melissa just shrieked and ran away. I don't know what was so scary about the clown but it had certainly spooked her big time. Ever since then, she never came near a circus that visited our town.

I chuckled to myself, thinking how horrified Melissa was going to be when she spotted the doll grinning at her on the dresser that was in front of her bed. Especially when it was going to happen in the dark, while she was sleeping. I'll make a small noise to wake her and when she does, she will scream out loud with surprise...and with absolute fear.

I looked at the clock. It was 10:35. She would be going to sleep at 11:00. I rubbed my hands in anticipation. I could hardly wait until it was time. I looked at the clown. Even the clown looked like it too wanted the taste of revenge.

Lying back on the bed, I closed my eyes. A couple of minutes of rest wouldn't hurt at all. Planning out the whole scheme wore me out. I let my eyes close and breathed more deeply and slowly.


I woke up with a sudden gasp. My forehead beaded with wet sweat. Looking at the time, I saw it was after 11:00. Good. Just in time. She would be asleep by then. I searched the room and spotted my doll. The moonlight shone deathly pale on the clown. Its yellow teeth glinted bright. I smiled. It looked scary, scary enough to make my sister jump out of her skin. Giggling, I grabbed it and ran out of my room.

Melissa's room was dark. She was definately asleep. Her shallow breaths were heard throughout the air. I tiptoed on the wooden floor and up to her dresser. I placed it on top of it, making it looked like it was ready to kill her. Its knife was poised in a position to stab. Though it was not directly in the moonlight, I could still see every description of the positioned clown. I made my way back to the door and called out to my sister.

"Melissa...Melissa...Wake up..." She stirred from her bed and opened her eyes wearily. By the time she had spotted the doll on her dresser, I was already in my bed giggling like a maniac. I heard her shriek. I laughed out loud.

She cried out threats that she was going to get me back. I shook my head, smiling. What a spoiled sport. It was only a doll clown.

Suddenly, she screamed. This time with fear, not with blubbering threats. I became confused. What was going on? Her screams turned even louder. She sounded like she was scared to death. Goose bumps rose from my arms and I felt creeped out. Suddenly, she stopped. My eyes widened. I wanted to scare her not kill her. I jumped from my bed and burst out of my room.

I stopped at her doorway and screamed. I felt dizzy with nausea and fear. My sister, lay dead on her bed, her red blood smearing the white blankets. Her eyes were wide with sheer terror. Her hands were up before her, as if she was shielding something from her. I knew what she was trying to block. A small knife protruded from her forehead and into her skull. Blood gushed out from the wound. Her arms and legs shown deep scratches.

Oh my god. I was stunned. And angry. Whoever did this was definately going to pay. My mind turned blank. The killer...he was probably in the same room. My blood ran cold in my veins and I started to wheeze with fright. The clown! Where was the clown?

I looked around but I couldn't find it. Then, I spotted it. It was lying right next to my sister, its devilish grin shining. But the teeth weren't yellow anymore. Now they were dark with...blood.

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