A Dark Night

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It was a dark night. Little Ann was supposed to be in bed, but she didn't care. She was supposed to do alot of stuff that she didn't do. She was watching TV in her room. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. She quickly switched off the TV and jumped into bed.

The door slowly opened but when Ann looked, no one stood there. She felt scared. She jumped out of bed and slammed the door shut. It was only a few minutes before the knock came again. Ann kept the TV on and switched on the light.

She stood by her bed, and the moment the door opened, the lights switched off. Ann screamed but her parents did not show up. She jumped towards the door, slammed it shut, locked it, and crawled into bed. She pulled the blankets over her head.

She was about to fall asleep, when suddenly something kicked her mattress from under her. She screamed and was going to run out the room when something grabbed her foot and tripped her. She screamed and was being pulled under the bed. She kicked the thing and was released.

She ran towards her door, when loud laughing came through the air vents and she screamed. She fell to the ground and two dark figures came out of nowhere walking towards her. She screamed. Then she fell to the ground.

Suddenly the two figures turned on the lights, revealing themselves as her parents. They saw there daughter and realized their prank to get her to listen had gone to far. She was dead.

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