Keeping Count

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Bree, one night, decided that she wanted to have a sleepover. She sent invites to four of her best friends, and a new girl, whose name was Mary. Bree's four best friends were freaked out by Mary, so they all declined the invitation. Mary accepted.

Bree discovered that Mary was a really nice, funny person. They spent all day watching movies, doing each other's hair and make-up, and talking about the boys they thought were cute.

At around midnight, they both became very tired. Bree made Mary a make-shift bed out of pillows and blankets on the floor, and then got into her own. Mary shuffled into her bed, Bree turned out the lights and it was pitch black.

"Goodnight, Mary." Bree said. Mary started counting, "One, two, three, four.." and Bree just shrugged it off, thinking that it was just Mary's way of getting to sleep. Bree finally drifted off.

Bree woke around 3:30am, for no apparent reason. She noticed that Mary was still counting. "Five hundred and forty eight, five hundred and forty nine, five hundred and fifty, five hundred and fifty one.." Bree sat up, confused.

Was Mary still counting to get to sleep? She reached over and turned her bedside lamp on. She then looked at Mary and became paralyzed with fear.

In her bedroom, there was a man sitting in a chair, staring in Bree's direction, while he pulled the hairs out one by one of Mary's decapitated head, and it seems that Mary was keeping count.

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