Where is my Mother?

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Mary and her mother, who were Indians, went to Europe for a vacation. They arrived at a nice hotel and registered a room, which was room 301. The manager showed them their room, which Mary and her mother loved. The room had two white beds with white curtains. Across from the beds was a wooden closet. Finally, there was a lovely white carpet.

However, as soon as Mary and her mother laid on their beds, Mary's mother became ill. Startled, Mary quickly asked for the hotel doctor. The doctor came in and said that he did not have medicine for this illness and that Mary had to get it for him from a nearby hospital. Worried, Mary agreed and went into the cabby that the hotel manager arranged for her.

Two hours later, Mary finally reached the hospital and told the doctor of that hospital that she needed medicine. The doctor nodded and went back inside. Finally, after thirty minutes, the doctor came back with medicine in his hands. Mary thanked the doctor and went back to the cabby.

After the two hour drive back, Mary arrived at the hotel. Eager to heal her mother, she ran to the hotel and showed the manager the medicine and asked for the doctor. However, the hotel manager looked at her strangely and asked, "I'm sorry, but who are you?" Mary said, "Mary, remember? I had signed in at room 301 with my mother. Where is she? She is ill. I need to get this medicine to her." However, the manager shook his head and told her that another man had registered. Shocked, Mary checked the register book and found that her mother's and her name had disappeared and was replaced with another man's name. Confused, she demanded to see the room.

When Mary opened the door, she didn't recognize a single thing. It was a twin bed, not two beds. The sheets were black, just like the curtains. The wooden closet was next to the bed instead of across it and their clothes were gone. Finally, the carpet was black, not white. Horrified, Mary asked for the doctor, who, she thought, would surely remember her. Irritated, the manager got the doctor. And like the manager, the doctor didn't know who she was and said that he never saw any patients. Scared and confused, Mary yelled "Where is my mother? What have you done to her?"

Do you want to know what happened?

Here's the story:

When the doctor saw the mother, he realized that the illness was something similar to the Black Death. He decided that the mother had picked it up in India. He knew that if people heard that this hotel had someone visit with Black Death, the hotel would lose tons of visitors and money. So he sent Mary to get some useless medicine on a cabby, which the doctor told to drive extremely slow. Now as soon as she had left, her mother died. The doctor burned her body silently in the graveyard nearby the hotel. Then he called the other doctor and told him what to do. He then told the manager what was going on. The manager understood that if he didn't comply, he would lose money so he quickly ordered people to change room 301 so it would look totally different than what Mary saw. While they were doing that, the manager erased the signatures in the register that Mary and her mother made and replaced it with another man's name. He then told everyone who worked there to tell Mary that they had never seen her before.

In the end, Mary, who was horrified and confused, became mental and had to be comitted to the mental hospital. And all this was done just to save the hotel's money and reputation...

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