Don't Drink the Water

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One night, I was laying in bed and I woke up to hear people whispering. I thought it was my family so I screamed at them to shut up, but they wouldn't. So I got up and walked to my door, but stopped and waited. I didn't know what I was waiting for, but I waited. I started to hear what the whispers were saying, so I sat down and listened. "So we jump in and slit her throat or we jump in a stab her?" , I heard one of the voices say. Then the other one responded, "No we suffocate her, you moron!"

I ran into the bathroom that connected to my bedroom to hide. I reached for the faucet when I heard a little voice behind me. "Don't drink the water." I turned around and I saw a little girl with long brown hair standing in the bath tub. She had ugly bruises all up and down her arms and around her neck. I screamed and fainted only to wake up hours later in the hospital. The nurse told me that two serial killers had broken into my house. They had been outside the door of my room waiting to kill me when a little girl called 911. They were caught and arrested for attempted murder.

I allowed myself a little smile, "I knew who the girl was," I told the nurse. "Who was it?" She asked me. "It was my little sister who had died three years ago while spending the night at a friends house."

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